Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures in Swift 4: Get ready for programming job interviews. Write better, faster Swift code. (Swift Clinic)

Karoly Nyisztor

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  • 出版日期: 2018-03-05
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You are here because you are interested in Swift and algorithms, right? Maybe you want to learn more about the Swift programming language. You probably want to write more efficient Swift code. And this is the perfect book for you to learn about algorithms and Swift. I created this book to get you started with algorithms and data structures. Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures in Swift 4 will help you understand the importance of algorithms. Soon, you'll be able to solve problems more efficiently. What makes me qualified to teach you? My name is Károly, and I’ve been developing software since 1995. I'm the creator of many iOS apps, most of which have been featured by Apple. I published three books on programming. You can find my online courses on Lynda, Udemy, and Pluralsight. Contents and Overview Computer algorithms have been developed and refined over the last couple of decades. The study of algorithms and data structures is fundamental to any programmer who plans to develop software systems that are scalable and performant. Once we got past the basic “Hello World” beginner applications, we begin to realize that complex apps require a different approach. Our software that used to work nicely during our tests becomes incredibly slow and crashes frequently in real-world situations. The reason is that we haven’t prepared our app for real-life usage: while it ran without issues with small datasets during our tests, it fails when reality kicks in. Algorithms are indispensable to building software that is capable of managing large amounts of data or to solve complex problems efficiently. I explain each concept using easy-to-understand examples. You'll not only learn how to implement more efficient code, but you'll also learn Swift, Apple's popular programming language. Beyond iOS and Mac development, Swift is going to become THE programming language for Web-development and systems programming. This book is a long-time investment.


你在這裡是因為對於 Swift 和演算法感興趣,對吧?也許你想更深入了解 Swift 程式語言,可能想要寫出更高效的 Swift 程式碼。這本書是你學習演算法和 Swift 的完美選擇。我創作這本書是為了讓你入門演算法和資料結構。《Swift 4 演算法與資料結構入門》將幫助你理解演算法的重要性,很快你就能更有效地解決問題。我有什麼資格來教導你呢?我叫 Károly,從 1995 年開始開發軟體。我是許多 iOS 應用程式的創作者,其中大部分都被 Apple 推薦過。我出版了三本關於程式設計的書籍,你可以在 Lynda、Udemy 和 Pluralsight 上找到我的線上課程。內容和概述電腦演算法在過去幾十年中得到了發展和完善。對於計劃開發可擴展和高效的軟體系統的任何程式設計師來說,學習演算法和資料結構是基礎的。一旦我們超越了基本的「Hello World」初學者應用程式,我們開始意識到複雜的應用程式需要不同的方法。我們的軟體在測試期間運行良好,但在實際情況下卻變得極其緩慢並經常崩潰。原因是我們沒有為現實使用情境做好準備:雖然在測試期間使用小數據集運行良好,但在現實情況下卻失敗了。演算法對於構建能夠處理大量數據或高效解決複雜問題的軟體是不可或缺的。我使用易於理解的例子來解釋每個概念。你不僅將學習如何實現更高效的程式碼,還將學習 Swift,蘋果的流行程式語言。除了 iOS 和 Mac 開發,Swift 將成為網頁開發和系統程式設計的主要程式語言。這本書是一個長期的投資。