Introduction to Computer Graphics and the Vulkan API: Second Edition





Introduction to Computer Graphics and the Vulkan API reviews core mathematic fundamentals in addition to creating special effects and techniques such as hardware tessellation, compute shaders, lighting, reflections, normal and displacement mapping, shadow rendering, and character skinning. The text is organised to introduce the reader to the exciting topic of computer graphics from a grounds-up hands-on perspective. Organized around the Vulkan API, the book includes numerous practical examples in the body of the text as well as explaining technical limitations and engineering solutions. This book provides a beginners guide to getting started with the Vulkan API. The reader is guided with a practical focus with details and information regarding previous and current generation approaches, such as, the shift towards more efficient multithreaded solutions. The book has been formatted and designed with sample program listings and support material, so whether or not you are currently an expert in computer graphics, actively working with an existing API (OpenGL or DirectX), or completely in the dark about this mysterious topic, this book has something for you. If you’re an experienced developer, you’ll find this book a light refresher to the subject, and if you’re deciding whether or not to delve into graphics and the Vulkan API, this book may help you make that significant decision.