New York City SHSAT: 1,000+ Practice Questions: Updated for the 2018 Redesigned SHSAT

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March 13, 2018 - 3rd Edition:

  • Includes multiple literature and poetry passages as per Department of Education guidelines.
  • Rebalances practice tests per DOE guidance (see below for more details)

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With New York City SHSAT: 1,000+ Practice Problems: 3rd Edition, there's no shortage of high-quality, well-edited practice questions. This book contains more questions than even 10 full-length exams!

This book contains:

  • 200+ reading comprehension questions - including for poems and literature!
  • 100+ grid-in math practice questions
  • 1,000+ high-quality practice questions in print - no need to go online or watch videos!
  • 79 pages of detailed answer explanations that actually make sense
  • 2 full-length practice tests tie everything together and simulate a real test-taking experience
  • Separate, dedicated sections for each section of the test, to help build confidence through understanding
  • Questions that progress in difficulty help you quickly master the basics and score extra points on even the toughest questions.

Great for independent study or for use with a tutor!


The SHSAT is changing (again!). Starting in October 2018, the ELA section will focus less on revising and editing, and more on reading comprehension. New to the SHSAT will be reading comprehension questions based on poems and excerpts from works of fiction. We've updated our practice tests and reading comprehension sections accordingly.