ARK survival evolved & Add-ons: The unoffical Guide

Andreas Zintzsch

下單後立即進貨 (1週~2週)


ARK: survival evolved

The biggest unofficial guide to the best selling computer game "ARK Survival Evolved" and its addons "Scorched Earth" and "Aberration".

With the game ARK Survival Evolved childhood dreams will become reality: Adventure in a mysterious new world, catch and train Dinosaurs, build large bases and vast fortresses and explore the secrets of the ARK.

This book contains everything a player needs to survive in ARK: How do I survive and build in ARK? Which creatures can be found there, what can they do and how can they be caught, trained & bred? In addition, you’ll find a short overview of all official maps, the most important console and cheat commands, and optional mods. The add-ons Scorched Earth and Aberration will also be covered. Let the adventure begin!

  • Introduction to the basics
  • Survival in ARK
  • Dinosaurs: Taming & Breeding
  • Tips for building / constructing
  • Complete overview of creatures
  • Console & cheat commands
  • Boss fights & Ascension
  • Includes info on Scorched Earth and Aberration
  • Infos suiteable for PC, PS4 and Xbox One