Introduction to Numerical Methods for Variational Problems

Langtangen, Hans Petter, Mardal, Kent-Andre


Preface.- Quick overview of the finite element method.- Function approximation by global functions.- Function approximation by finite elements.- Variational formulations with global elements.- Variational formulations with finite elements.- Time-dependent variational forms.- Variational forms for systems of PDEs.- Nonlinear Problems.- Variational forms for linear systems.- Useful formulas.




Hans Petter Langtangen (1962 - 2016) was a professor of computer science at the University of Oslo. He was formerly a professor of mechanics and was the Director of "Center for Biomedical Computing", a Norwegian Center of Excellence at the Simula Research Laboratory in Oslo. Langtangen has more than 100 scientific publications, including journal papers and many books, e.g., the bestseller TCSE 6 "A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python" (editions 1 - 5). He has also developed open source and commercial software systems for computational sciences."
Kent-Andre Mardal is a professor of mechanics at the University of Oslo and an adjunct research scientist at Simula Research Laboratory. He has published more than 80 scientific publications, including journal papers, one co-authored book and the co-edited the book about the FEniCS project, for which he was a core developer for many years.


Hans Petter Langtangen(1962年-2016年)是奧斯陸大學的計算機科學教授。他曾是力學教授,並擔任奧斯陸Simula研究實驗室的挪威卓越中心「生物醫學計算中心」的主任。Langtangen發表了100多篇科學論文,包括期刊論文和多本書籍,例如暢銷書《TCSE 6:Python科學編程入門》(第1至5版)。他還開發了用於計算科學的開源和商業軟件系統。

Kent-Andre Mardal是奧斯陸大學的力學教授,也是Simula研究實驗室的兼職研究科學家。他發表了80多篇科學論文,包括期刊論文、一本合著書籍,並共同編輯了關於FEniCS項目的書籍,他在該項目中擔任核心開發人員多年。