Introduction to the Foundations of Applied Mathematics 2/e

Holmes, Mark H.

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FOAM. This acronym has been used for over ?fty years at Rensselaer to designate an upper-division course entitled, Foundations of Applied Ma- ematics. This course was started by George Handelman in 1956, when he came to Rensselaer from the Carnegie Institute of Technology. His objective was to closely integrate mathematical and physical reasoning, and in the p- cess enable students to obtain a qualitative understanding of the world we live in. FOAM was soon taken over by a young faculty member, Lee Segel. About this time a similar course, Introduction to Applied Mathematics, was introduced by Chia-Ch'iao Lin at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Together Lin and Segel, with help from Handelman, produced one of the landmark textbooks in applied mathematics, Mathematics Applied to - terministic Problems in the Natural Sciences. This was originally published in 1974, and republished in 1988 by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, in their Classics Series. This textbook comes from the author teaching FOAM over the last few years. In this sense, it is an updated version of the Lin and Segel textbook.


FOAM. 這個縮寫已經在雷恩塞拉理工學院使用了五十多年,用來指代一門高年級課程,名為應用數學基礎。這門課程由喬治·漢德爾曼於1956年開始,當時他從卡內基理工學院來到雷恩塞拉理工學院。他的目標是緊密結合數學和物理推理,並在過程中使學生獲得對我們所生活的世界的定性理解。FOAM 很快被年輕的教職員李·塞格爾接手。大約在這個時候,麻省理工學院的林家翹引入了一門類似的課程,名為應用數學導論。林家翹和塞格爾在漢德爾曼的幫助下,共同編寫了一本應用數學的里程碑教科書,名為《數學應用於自然科學中的確定性問題》。這本書最初於1974年出版,並於1988年由工業和應用數學學會在他們的經典系列中重新出版。這本教科書是作者在過去幾年教授 FOAM 的經驗的更新版本。


Mark Holmes is a Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and is currently the Director of the Center for Modeling, Optimization and Computational Analysis. His research interests involve problems integrating modeling and computational analysis. Professor Holmes has three published books in Springer's Texts in Applied Mathematics series: Introduction to Perturbation Methods, Introduction to the Foundations of Applied Mathematics, and Introduction to Numerical Methods in Differential Equations.


Mark Holmes 是 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 的教授,目前擔任模型、優化和計算分析中心的主任。他的研究興趣涉及整合建模和計算分析的問題。Holmes 教授在 Springer 的應用數學系列中出版了三本書籍:Introduction to Perturbation Methods、Introduction to the Foundations of Applied Mathematics 和 Introduction to Numerical Methods in Differential Equations。