Neural Information Processing: 28th International Conference, ICONIP 2021, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia, December 8-12, 2021, Proceedings, Part IV

Mantoro, Teddy, Lee, Minho, Ayu, Media Anugerah

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Applications.- Deep Supervised Hashing By Classification For Image Retrieval.- Towards Human-level Performance in Solving Double Dummy Bridge Problem.- Coarse-to-Fine Visual Place Recognition.- BFConv: Improving Convolutional Neural Networks with Butterfly Convolution.- Integrating Rich Utterance Features for Emotion Recognition in Multi-party Conversations.- Vehicle Image Generation Going Well with the Surroundings.- Scale Invariant Domain Generalization Image Recapture Detection.- Tile2Vec with Predicting Noise for Land Cover Classification.- A Joint Representation Learning Approach for Social Media Tag Recommendation.- Identity-based Data Augmentation via Progressive Sampling for One-Shot Person Re-identification.- Feature Fusion Learning Based on LSTM and CNN Networks for Trend Analysis of Limit Order Books.- WikiFlash: Generating Flashcards from Wikipedia Articles.- Video Face Recognition with Audio-Visual Aggregation Network.- WaveFuse: A Unified Unsupervised Framework for Image Fusion with Discrete Wavelet Transform.- Manipulation-invariant Fingerprints for Cross-dataset Deepfake Detection.- Low-resource Neural Machine Translation Using Fast Meta-Learning method.- Efficient, Low-Cost, Real-Time Video Super-Resolution Network.- On the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Centroids in Image Retrieval.- Few-shot Classification with Multi-task Self-supervised Learning.- Self-Supervised Compressed Video Action Recognition via Temporal-Consistent Sampling.- Stack-VAE network for Zero-Shot Learning.- TRUFM: a Transformer-guided Framework for Fine-grained Urban Flow Inference.- Saliency Detection Framework Based on Deep Enhanced Attention Network.- SynthTriplet GAN: Synthetic Query Expansion for Multimodal Retrieval.- SS-CCN: Scale Self-guided Crowd Counting Network.- QS-Hyper: A Quality-Sensitive Hyper Network for the No-Reference Image Quality Assessment.- An Efficient Manifold Density Estimator for All Recommendation Systems.- Cleora: A Simple, Strong and Scalable Graph Embedding Scheme.- STA3DCNN: Spatial-temporal Attention 3D Convolutional Neural Network for Citywide Crowd Flow Prediction.- Learning Pre-Grasp Pushing Manipulation of Wide and Flat Objects using Binary Masks.- Multi-DIP: A General Framework For Unsupervised Multi-degraded Image Restoration.- Multi-Attention Network for Arbitrary Style Transfer.- Image Brightness Adjustment with Unpaired Training.- Self-Supervised Image-to-Text and Text-to-Image Synthesis.- TextCut: A Multi-region Replacement Data Augmentation Approach for Text Imbalance Classification.- A Multi-task Model for Sentiment aided Cyberbullying Detection in Code-Mixed Indian Languages.- A Transformer-based Model for Low-resource Event Detection.- Malicious Domain Detection on Imbalanced Data with Deep Reinforcement Learning.- Designing and Searching for Lightweight Monocular Depth Network.- Improving Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs Using Graph Summarization.- Multi-Stage Hybrid Attentive Networks for Knowledge-Driven Stock Movement Prediction.- End-to-End Edge Detection via Improved Transformer Model.- Isn't it ironic, don't you think.- Neural Local and Global Contexts Learning for Word Sense Disambiguation.- Towards Better Dermoscopic Image Feature Representation Learning for Melanoma Classification.- Paraphrase Identification with Neural Elaboration Relation Learning.- Hybrid DE-MLP-based Modeling Technique for Prediction of Alloying Element Proportions and Process Parameters.- A Mutual Information-based Disentanglement Framework for Cross-Modal Retrieval.- AGRP: A Fused Aspect-Graph Neural Network for Rating Prediction.- Classmates Enhanced Diversity-self-attention Network for Dropout Prediction in MOOCs.- A Hierarchical Graph-based Neural Network for Malware Classification.- A Visual Feature Detection Algorithm Inspired by Spatio-temporal Properties of Visual Neurons.- Knowledge Distillation Method for Surface Defect Detection.- Adaptive Selection of Classifiers for Person Recogniti