Exploring Robotics with ROBOTIS Systems

Chi N. Thai

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  • 出版日期: 2017-08-09
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 3319598309
  • ISBN-13: 9783319598307
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This book is a hardware and software guide to educational robotics systems such as the BIOLOID PREMIUM (amazon.com/ROBOTIS-INC-901-0006-300-BIODLOID-PREMIUM/dp/B0057EWBTW) and the ROBOTIS MINI (amazon.com/ROBOTIS-INC-901-0046-200-MINI/dp/B00N9UDBA4).  It is part of a series of textbooks for ROBOTIS robotics systems:

This 2nd Edition (340+ pages & 100 video tutorials) is a substantial revision of the 2015 Edition.  All original 11 chapters had been revised or updated, in particular:
  • Chapter 3 had additional descriptions of the newer CM-50, OpenCM-700 and X series Dynamixels.
  • Chapter 4 had new introductory sections for the ROBOPLUS V.2 tools such as R+SCRATCH and the OLLOBOT SDK designed for Firmware 2.0 types of controllers such as CM-50/150/200 and OpenCM-7.00/9.04.
  • Chapter 5 provides a closer look at the MANAGER and TASK V.2 tools regarding their use with the 485-EXP expansion board for the OpenCM-9.04/C system.  It also has new sections on usage of the IR Array Sensor for arbitrary single track maneuvers, new remote control capabilities via R+SCRATCH and smartphones tilt sensors.
  • The new Chapter 6 combined the old Chapters 6 and 7 into a single chapter regarding Position Control Applications of ROBOTIS Dynamixels and to show complex interactions between parameters such as Present Position, Goal Position, Goal Speed, Torque Limit, Present Load, Motion Page and Joint Offset.  New application projects were illustrated such as an Avoider Arm and Remote Control of a Mobile Manipulator Platform using a CM-530 controller.
  • Chapter 9 added new Embedded C features with an OpenCM-9.04/C + 485-EXP controller with new applications such as Remote/Autonomous Control of a Mobile Manipulator Platform using a smartphone video camera and NIR distance sensors.
  • Chapter 11 was entirely new and written to document the use of the R+SCRATCH tool and the PLAY 700 mobile app, in conjunction with REMOTE/SMART DEVICE commands from a TASK program or from Arduino-style codes to access various services from a smartphone such as: video camera, gesture sensor, touch areas, audio and video playback, text-to-speech and speech recognition.
  • Chapter 12 was also entirely new and described the OLLOBOT SDK which was originally designed for the OLLOBOT Kit released in August 2016 to enable its control from smartphones.  This chapter was for users interested in creating custom smartphone apps interacting with ROBOTIS' robotic systems.
  • For more details, please visit the web link www/cntrobotics.com/springer.
  • The "extras" materials can be accessed at extras.springer.com/2017/978-3-319-59830-7


這本書是一本關於教育機器人系統的硬體和軟體指南,例如BIOLOID PREMIUM(amazon.com/ROBOTIS-INC-901-0006-300-BIODLOID-PREMIUM/dp/B0057EWBTW)和ROBOTIS MINI(amazon.com/ROBOTIS-INC-901-0046-200-MINI/dp/B00N9UDBA4)。它是ROBOTIS機器人系統教科書系列的一部分:





第4章新增了ROBOPLUS V.2工具的介紹部分,例如R+SCRATCH和OLLOBOT SDK,這些工具是為Firmware 2.0類型的控制器(如CM-50/150/200和OpenCM-7.00/9.04)設計的。

第5章更詳細地介紹了MANAGER和TASK V.2工具,以及它們與OpenCM-9.04/C系統的485-EXP擴展板的使用。它還新增了關於使用IR陣列感測器進行任意單軌道機動的新節點,以及通過R+SCRATCH和智能手機傾斜感測器進行新的遠程控制能力。

新的第6章將舊的第6章和第7章合併為一個章節,關於ROBOTIS Dynamixels的位置控制應用,並展示了Present Position、Goal Position、Goal Speed、Torque Limit、Present Load、Motion Page和Joint Offset等參數之間的複雜交互作用。它還展示了一些新的應用項目,例如避障臂和使用CM-530控制器遠程控制移動機械平台。

第9章新增了使用OpenCM-9.04/C + 485-EXP控制器的嵌入式C功能,並介紹了一些新的應用,例如使用智能手機視頻攝像頭和NIR距離感測器遠程/自主控制移動機械平台。

第11章是全新的,用於記錄R+SCRATCH工具和PLAY 700移動應用程序的使用,以及從TASK程序或Arduino風格的代碼中使用REMOTE/SMART DEVICE命令來訪問智能手機的各種服務,例如:視頻攝像頭、手勢感測器、觸控區域、音頻和視頻播放、文字轉語音和語音識別。

第12章也是全新的,描述了OLLOBOT SDK,最初是為了在2016年8月發布的OLLOBOT套件上控制智能手機。這一章節適用於希望創建與ROBOTIS機器人系統互動的自定義智能手機應用程序的用戶。