Guide to Data Structures: A Concise Introduction Using Java (Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science)

James T. Streib, Takako Soma



This accessible and engaging textbook/guide provides a concise introduction to data structures and associated algorithms. Emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of data structures, enabling the reader to quickly learn the key concepts, and providing a strong foundation for later studies of more complex topics. The coverage includes discussions on stacks, queues, lists, (using both arrays and links), sorting, and elementary binary trees, heaps, and hashing. This content is also a natural continuation from the material provided in the separate Springer title Guide to Java by the same authors.Topics and features: reviews the preliminary concepts, and introduces stacks and queues using arrays, along with a discussion of array-based lists; examines linked lists, the implementation of stacks and queues using references, binary trees, a range of varied sorting techniques, heaps, and hashing; presents both primitive and generic data types in each chapter, and makes use of contour diagrams to illustrate object-oriented concepts; includes chapter summaries, and asks the reader questions to help them interact with the material; contains numerous examples and illustrations, and one or more complete program in every chapter; provides exercises at the end of each chapter, as well as solutions to selected exercises, and a glossary of important terms.




This clearly-written work is an ideal classroom text for a second semester course in programming using the Java programming language, in preparation for a subsequent advanced course in data structures and algorithms. The book is also eminently suitable as a self-study guide in either academe or industry.