Multisensor Fusion and Integration in the Wake of Big Data, Deep Learning and Cyber Physical System: An Edition of the Selected Papers from the 2017 ... (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering)


This book includes selected papers from the 13th IEEE International Conference on Multisensor Integration and Fusion for Intelligent Systems (MFI 2017) held in Daegu, Korea, November 16–22, 2017. It covers various topics, including sensor/actuator networks, distributed and cloud architectures, bio-inspired systems and evolutionary approaches, methods of cognitive sensor fusion, Bayesian approaches, fuzzy systems and neural networks, biomedical applications, autonomous land, sea and air vehicles, localization, tracking, SLAM, 3D perception, manipulation with multifinger hands, robotics, micro/nano systems, information fusion and sensors, and multimodal integration in HCI and HRI. The book is intended for robotics scientists, data and information fusion scientists, researchers and professionals at universities, research institutes and laboratories.