Parallel Programming: for Multicore and Cluster Systems

Thomas Rauber

  • 出版商: Springer
  • 出版日期: 2015-07-10
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 532
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  • ISBN: 3642438067
  • ISBN-13: 9783642438066
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Innovations in hardware architecture, like hyper-threading or multicore processors, mean that parallel computing resources are available for inexpensive desktop computers. In only a few years, many standard software products will be based on concepts of parallel programming implemented on such hardware, and the range of applications will be much broader than that of scientific computing, up to now the main application area for parallel computing.

Rauber and Rünger take up these recent developments in processor architecture by giving detailed descriptions of parallel programming techniques that are necessary for developing efficient programs for multicore processors as well as for parallel cluster systems and supercomputers. Their book is structured in three main parts, covering all areas of parallel computing: the architecture of parallel systems, parallel programming models and environments, and the implementation of efficient application algorithms. The emphasis lies on parallel programming techniques needed for different architectures. For this second edition, all chapters have been carefully revised. The chapter on architecture of parallel systems has been updated considerably, with a greater emphasis on the architecture of multicore systems and adding new material on the latest developments in computer architecture. Lastly, a completely new chapter on general-purpose GPUs and the corresponding programming techniques has been added.

The main goal of the book is to present parallel programming techniques that can be used in many situations for a broad range of application areas and which enable the reader to develop correct and efficient parallel programs. Many examples and exercises are provided to show how to apply the techniques. The book can be used as both a textbook for students and a reference book for professionals. The material presented has been used for courses in parallel programming at different universities for many years.



Rauber 和 Rünger 通過詳細描述開發多核心處理器、平行叢集系統和超級電腦的高效程式所需的平行程式設計技術,探討了處理器架構的最新發展。他們的書分為三個主要部分,涵蓋了平行運算的所有領域:平行系統的架構、平行程式設計模型和環境,以及高效應用算法的實現。重點在於不同架構所需的平行程式設計技術。在第二版中,所有章節都經過了仔細修訂。關於平行系統架構的章節進行了大幅更新,更加強調多核心系統的架構,並增加了有關計算機架構的最新發展的新內容。最後,還新增了一個全新的章節,介紹了通用圖形處理器(GPU)和相應的程式設計技術。