FAQ's in MFC and MFC Solutions (Paperback)

P. G. Naik

代購書籍(需要單獨結帳) (2週~4週)



FAQ's in MFC and MFC Solutions is intended for the audience who have just started learning MFC and desire to learn more of MFC internals. The purpose of the book is to change the way one thinks, which is more challenging than learning the syntax of a programming language. Learning when and why one should use a particular feature is much harder than learning its syntax. Teaching and learning how to combine features and why to combine them is still harder. This book is more application-oriented giving the reader a specific advice and directions at each step to help him/her properly use MFC by inducing object-oriented way of thinking. How is this book different from other similar books on MFC A question and answer format Answers to over 200 exhaustive questions about MFC programming. These FAQs are the product of authors several years of teaching and practical experience and acquaintance with MFC programming. A focus on principles and concepts rather than syntax and semantics of various MFC language features. Ample programming examples. This book covers almost 150 programming examples, most of which are complete, executable programs rather than program fragments. Most of the programs are designed in-line with principles of object-oriented programming. Readers are encouraged to execute and ponder on the examples which will enhance their learning abilities. As MFC is complex and vast, the material is divided into several volumes and this is the first volume of the series covering windows basics, device context and GDI objects, menus and message maps and mouse and keyboard. All the applications are based on frame-window based architecture. The book is organized into introduction, output, user interface and input which is spread across four chapters. The book covers all aspects of windows programming required for writing a working windows application.