40 Digital Photo Retouching Techniques, 2/e


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  • 出版日期: 2005-03-01
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 216
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"This dazzling, full-color book provides a fun, practical introduction to photo-editing with Photoshop Elements."
—Fred Showker, Editor/Publisher of DT&G Magazine

This second edition of our wildly popular, full-color introduction to photo-editing with Photoshop Elements offers dozens of hands-on techniques that reflect the product’s latest features. Dive right in and make your photos look their absolute best with this fun, practical guide. Learn how to use the file browser, change image size, enhance faces, manage file size, correct white balance, enhance your subject, use raw format, and much more. The companion CD contains a tryout version of Photoshop Elements, utilities, and hundreds of images. Nowhere else will you find such valuable advice, creativity-inspiring images, with a CD, at such an affordable price.

40 Digital Photo Retouching Techniques will show you how to:

  • Use Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 3.0 effectively
  • Correct color and light
  • Add color to black-and-white photos
  • Remove red eye, eliminate blemishes, and enhance facial features
  • Develop studio backgrounds and professional-style picture packages
  • Clean up, combine, and resize images
  • Split up scanned images
  • Open and process RAW image files
  • Create reflections and text effects
  • Correct flaws with the Healing Brush
  • Straighten distorted images
  • Create a web banner
  • Build a photo gallery for the web
  • And more!

How is this book different?

  • Written for digital image enthusiasts in a language that’s easy to understand
  • Presents inspiring, full-color images on every page
  • Combines technical details with artistic inspiration
  • Lets you dive right in and get creative with your digital camera
  • Groups topics thematically for quick reference
  • Provides a thorough introduction to Photoshop Elements 3.0 and digital imaging
  • Uses practical step-by-step instructions, explanations, short-cuts, and tips
  • Leads you to rapid mastery of retouching techniques

Table of Contents 

Introduction: Warming Up to Photoshop Elements
Key Features
Understanding Pixels and Resolution
Understanding Image File Formats
Touring the Welcome Screen
A Closer Look at the Photoshop Elements 3.0 Editor Window
Essential Photoshop Elements Know-How

Chapter 1: Correcting Contrast
1: Diagnosing the Problem
2: Correcting Blurred Images
3: How the Pros Do It
4: Correcting Backlighting
5: Brightening a Specific Spot

Chapter 2: Manipulating Colors
6: Changing a Color
7: Replacing a Color
8: Desaturating Part of An Image
9: Turning Color Photos into Black-and-White Images
10: Coloring Black-and-White Photographs
11: Creating a Sepia-Toned Picture
12: Turning Summer into Fall
13: Making Detailed Color Changes

Chapter 3: Enhancing Portraits
14: Removing Red Eyes
15: Removing Facial Blemishes
16: Applying Makeup
17: Creating Bigger Eyes and a Sharper Chin
18: Emphasizing a Subject
19: Opening Closed Eyes
20: Selective Focusing
21: Creating a Studio Background and Picture Package
22: Adding a Picture Frame

Chapter 4: Editing Skills and Special Effects
23: Automatically Separate Scanned Images
24: Opening and Processing a Camera Raw Image File
25: Adjusting Image Size and Shape
26: Cleaning Up Backgrounds
27: Creating Reflections
28: Adding Type Effects
29: Altering Perspective
30: Combining Images
31: Combining Product Pictures

Chapter 5: Very Special Effects
32: Stitching Panoramas
33: Adding Motion Blur
34: Giving Photos an Antiqued Look
35: Maintaining Texture While Repainting an Object
36: Let It Snow

Chapter 6: Using and Sharing Images
37: Making a Postcard
38: Making a Slide Show
39: Making a Web Banner
40: Making a Web Photo Gallery

Contents of the Supplementary CD