Land Use and Land Cover Mapping in Europe: Practices & Trends (Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing)

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  • 出版日期: 2014-03-18
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  • 相關分類: 數位影像處理 Digital-image
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Land use and land cover (LULC) as well as its changes (LUCC) are an interplay between bio-geophysical characteristics of the landscape and climate as well as the complex human interaction including its different patterns of utilization superimposed on the natural vegetation. LULC is a core information layer for a variety of scientific and administrative tasks(e.g. hydrological modelling, climate models, land use planning).In particular in the context of climate change with its impacts on socio-economic, socio-ecologic systems as well as ecosystem services precise information on LULC and LUCC are mandatory baseline datasets required over large areas. Remote sensing can provide such information on different levels of detail and in a homogeneous and reliable way. Hence, LULC mapping can be regarded as a prototype for integrated approaches based on spaceborne and airborne remote sensing techniques combined with field observations. The book provides for the first time a comprehensive view of various LULC activities focusing on European initiatives, such as the LUCAS surveys, the CORINE land covers, the ESA/EU GMES program and its resulting Fast-Track- and Downstream Services, the EU JRC Global Land Cover, the ESA GlobCover project as well as the ESA initiative on Essential Climate Variables. All have and are producing highly appreciated land cover products. The book will cover the operational approaches, but also review current state-of-the-art scientific methodologies and recommendations for this field. It opens the view with best-practice examples that lead to a view that exceeds pure mapping, but to investigate into drivers and causes as well as future projections.


土地利用和土地覆蓋(LULC)以及其變化(LUCC)是景觀的生物地理特徵和氣候以及複雜的人類互動之間的相互作用,包括其不同的利用模式,覆蓋在自然植被上。 LULC是各種科學和行政任務(例如水文模型、氣候模型、土地利用規劃)的核心信息層。特別是在氣候變化的背景下,對LULC和LUCC的精確信息是必需的基線數據集,涉及對大範圍的社會經濟、社會生態系統以及生態系統服務的影響。遙感技術可以以同質且可靠的方式提供不同細節層次的信息。因此,LULC映射可以被視為基於航天和航空遙感技術結合現場觀測的綜合方法的原型。本書首次全面介紹了各種LULC活動,重點介紹了歐洲的一些倡議,如LUCAS調查、CORINE土地覆蓋、ESA/EU GMES計劃及其相應的快速跟踪和下游服務、EU JRC全球土地覆蓋、ESA GlobCover項目以及ESA關於基本氣候變量的倡議。所有這些倡議都已經或正在生產受到高度讚賞的土地覆蓋產品。本書將介紹操作方法,並回顧當前最先進的科學方法和該領域的建議。它通過最佳實踐示例開啟視野,超越純粹的映射,而是研究驅動因素和原因以及未來預測。