Rendezvous in Distributed Systems: Theory, Algorithms and Applications

Zhaoquan Gu, Yuexuan Wang, Qiang-Sheng Hua, Francis C.M. Lau



This book introduces novel solutions to the rendezvous problem in distributed systems, a fundamental problem that underpins the construction of many important functions in distributed systems and networks. The book covers rendezvous theories, distributed rendezvous algorithms, and rendezvous applications in practical systems, presents state-of-the-art rendezvous results and highlights the latest methods of rendezvous in distributed systems. It provides in particular an in-depth treatment of the blind rendezvous and oblivious blind rendezvous problems and their solutions. Further, it sheds new light on rendezvous applications in cognitive radio networks and rendezvous search in graphs. As such, it will also be of interest to readers from other research fields such as robotics, wireless sensor networks, and game theory.