Communication Systems Engineering, 2/e (IE-Paperback)

John G. Proakis , Masoud Salehi

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For a one/two-semester senior or first-year graduate level course in analog and digital communications.

With an emphasis on digital communications, Communication Systems Engineering, Second Edition introduces the basic principles underlying the analysis and design of communication systems. In addition, this text gives a solid introduction to analog communications and a review of important mathematical foundation topics.


  • NEW - New material has been added on wireless communication systems—GSM and CDMA/IS-94; turbo codes and iterative decoding; multicarrier (OFDM) systems; multiple antenna systems.
    • Provides students with timely and current information.

  • Thorough coverage of basic digital communication system principles—Including source coding, channel coding, baseband and carrier modulation, channel distortion, channel equalization, synchronization, and wireless communications.
    • Ensures that students are exposed to all basic relevant topics in digital communication system design.

  • Basic coverage of analog modulation and demodulation methods.
    • Exposes students to analog modulation methods such as amplitude modulation, phase modulation, and frequency modulation.

  • Use of CD player and JPEG image coding standard as examples of systems that employ modern communication principles.
    • Allows students to relate the theory to practical systems.

  • Over 180 worked-out examples throughout the text.
    • Helps students understand basic concepts.

  • Over 480 problems—Involving applications to practical systems such as satellite communications systems, ionospheric channels, and mobile radio channels.
    • Gives students ample opportunity to practice the concepts they have just learned. Gives instructors a wide variety of options when assigning homework.