The Kubernetes Book

Nigel Poulton

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  • 出版日期: 2021-04-17
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 303
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  • ISBN: 9798703756065
  • ISBN-13: 9798703756065
  • 相關分類: Kubernetes
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Brought to you by best-selling author and video trainer, Nigel Poulton. Every page and every example has been checked and updated against the latest versions of Kubernetes (1.20+) and the latest trends in the cloud-native ecosystem.

Containers have revolutionized the way we package and run applications. However, like most things, containers come with a bunch of challenges. This is where Kubernetes comes into play.

Kubernetes helps you deploy and manage containerized applications at scale. It also abstracts the underlying infrastructure so that you don't need to care if you're deploying applications to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or your own on-premises datacenter. With Kubernetes, you can develop applications on your laptop, deploy to your favourite cloud platform, migrate to a different cloud platform, and even migrate to your on-premises datacenters.

The Kubernetes Book starts from the beginning, explains all concepts in a clear and friendly way, and covers everything you need to become proficient at Kubernetes.

You'll learn:
- Kubernetes architecture
- How to build Kubernetes
- How to deploy, self-heal, scale, and perform rolling updates on applications
- What the Kubernetes API is and how it works
- How to secure Kubernetes
- The meaning of terms such as; cloud-native, microservices, desired state, containerized, and more...

Finally, Kubernetes and cloud technologies are developing fast! That's why this book will be updated every year, meaning it's always up-to-date with the latest versions of Kubernetes and the latest trends in the cloud-native ecosystem.


由暢銷作家和視頻培訓師Nigel Poulton帶給您。每一頁和每一個例子都已經根據最新版本的Kubernetes(1.20+)和雲原生生態系統的最新趨勢進行了檢查和更新。


Kubernetes幫助您在規模上部署和管理容器化應用程序。它還抽象出底層基礎設施,因此您不需要關心您是將應用程序部署到Amazon Web Services、Microsoft Azure還是您自己的本地數據中心。使用Kubernetes,您可以在筆記本電腦上開發應用程序,部署到您喜歡的雲平台,遷移到不同的雲平台,甚至遷移到您的本地數據中心。

《Kubernetes Book》從頭開始,以清晰友好的方式解釋所有概念,並涵蓋您需要成為Kubernetes專家的一切。

- Kubernetes架構
- 如何構建Kubernetes
- 如何部署、自我修復、擴展和執行應用程序的滾動更新
- Kubernetes API的含義和工作原理
- 如何保護Kubernetes
- 例如雲原生、微服務、期望狀態、容器化等術語的含義



Nigel is a leading name in the container community. He is a Docker Captain and author of many container-related books and video training courses. When he's not working with containers he spends his time with his family, tries to play golf, and dreams about American muscle cars. 


Nigel 是容器社群中的領軍人物。他是一位 Docker Captain,也是許多與容器相關的書籍和視頻培訓課程的作者。當他不在處理容器工作時,他會和家人一起度過時間,嘗試打高爾夫球,並夢想著美國肌肉車。