Probability and Statistics (Paperback)





New exercises have been added throughout the text, in all the chapters.
The discussion of the F distribution and comparison of two means has been simplified by making use of the folded F test for comparing variances.
Other new material includes a discussion of Tukey's method of paired comparisons and a section on the use of tolerance limits in quality control.
The new presentation of hypothesis testing. The conclusion of hypothesis testing is drawn by comparing the value of test statistic and the critical value(s), rather than the estimated P value. A new '4-step format' is used: 1) [Hypotheses]' 2) [Test statistic]' 3) [Critical value]' 4) [Conclusion]'
A new section titled 'Real World Application' has been added on to three of the topics in this edition's text.


Chapter 1 Introduction to Probability and Counting
Chapter 2 Some Probability Laws
Chapter 3 Discrete Distributions
Chapter 4 Continuous Distributions
Chapter 5 Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 6 Estimation
Chapter 7 Inferences on the Mean and Variance of a Distribution
Chapter 8 Inferences on Proportions
Chapter 9 Comparing Two Means and Two Variances
Chapter 10 Simple Linear Regression and Correlation
Chapter 11 Analysis of Variance
Chapter 12 Categorical Data
A Statistical Tables
B Answers to Selected Problems
C Selected Derivations