Data Communications and Network Security (IE) (美國版ISBN:0072976047)

Houston H. Carr, Charles Snyder



New Features  

  • The book presents both the technological and managerial aspects of data communications to students without a technical background. The book's three-part organizational framework (wired and wireless data communication; wired and wireless network security; and managing data communications and its projects) is unique in this market.
  • The material may be arranged in a variety of ways, making the text easy to adapt to any syllabus and teaching style.
  • The book's coverage of network security is extensive, including the physical security required to protect a network against natural disaster.
  • Telecommunications project management is covered throughout the system development life cycle, a feature unique to Carr/Snyder.



Table of Contents

Part I: The Basics of Communications
1. Basics of Communications Technology
2. Media and Their Applications
3. Architecture, Models, and Standards
Part II: Network Basics
4. Building a Network: Topology and Protocols
5. Network Form and Function
Part III: Wide-Area Networks: The Internet
6. From LANs to WANs: Broadband Technology
7. The Internet, Intranets, and Extranets
8. Internet Applications
Part IV: Wireless Networks
9. Wireless Networks: The Basics
10. Wireless Networks: Issues and Management
Part V: Security
11. Network Security
12. Wireless Network Security
Part VI: Network Management and Control
13. Monitoring and Control of Network Activity
14. Network and Project Management
Appendix A: Analog Voice Capabilities
Appendix B: Epilogue: Emerging Technologies,    
           Innovation, and Risks