Consumer Behavior & Marketing Strategy, 9/e (IE-Paperback)

Peter Olsen




  • Consumer Insights show the relevance of consumer behavior concepts and give students real-life examples of marketing strategies.
  • Updated chapter opening vignettes discuss real-world situations involving aspects of consumer behavior. Each chapter concludes with a “Back To…” section that summarizes how the chapter material relates to the opening examples.
  • Revised Marketing Strategy in Action sections focus on consumer analysis issues facing real companies. These brief cases help to integrate consumer behavior information in the marketing strategy development process.
  • <章節目錄>

    Section 1 A Perspective on Consumer Behavior
    1 Introduction to Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy
    2 A Framework for Consumer Analysis

    Section 2 Affect and Cognition and Marketing Strategy
    3 Introduction to Affect and Cognition
    4 Consumers’ Product Knowledge and Involvement
    5 Attention and Comprehension
    6 Attitudes and Intentions
    7 Consumer Decision Making

    Section 3 Behavior and Marketing Strategy
    8 Introduction to Behavior
    9 Conditioning and Learning Processes
    10 Influencing Consumer Behaviors

    Section 4 The Environment and Marketing Strategy
    11 Introduction to the Environment
    12 Cultural and Cross-Cultural Influences
    13 Subculture and Social Class
    14 Reference Groups and Family

    Section 5 Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy
    15 Market Segmentation and Product Positioning
    16 Consumer Behavior and Product Strategy
    17 Consumer Behavior and Promotion Strategy
    18 Consumer Behavior and Pricing Strategy
    19 Consumer Behavior, Electronic Commerce, and Channel Strategy