Lotus Notes and Domino R5 All-In-One Exam Guide (Hardcover)

Libby Ingrassia Schwarz, Ben Malekzadeh



This comprehensive exam guide and reference covers all the material on the Lotus Notes & Domino R5 exam, including maintaining Domino R5 servers and users, implementing a Domino R5 infrastructure, deploying applications, designer fundamentals, application security and workflow, and application architecture.


這本全面的考試指南和參考書涵蓋了Lotus Notes & Domino R5考試的所有內容,包括維護Domino R5伺服器和使用者、實施Domino R5基礎架構、部署應用程式、設計師基礎知識、應用程式安全和工作流程,以及應用程式架構。