IP Telephony

Walter Goralski, Matthew C. Kolon



Demystifying the operation of Intenet telephone protocols and technologies, IP Telephony, by Walter Goralski and Matthew Kolon, establishes a solid framework for Internet-powered voice communications. This quick-study reference explains the world of central office switches and signaling protocols, exploring every phase of telephony from billing to caller ID to voice routing protocols. Conversely, it explores the existing structure of the Internet and the IP protocol stack to explain the world of routers and connectionless IP. Youll find a bonanza of examples that demonstrate how organizations; local, national and global can employ Internet telephony both to save money and to provide services ranging from Internet faxing to solving a multitude of business problems. This plain-English guide lets you..

*See how to make your existing data network do double duty as your phone system
*Explore voice-enabled Web sites for everything from Internet telemarketing to customer support
*Understand the implementation standards, SS7, H.323, RSVP, the ITU G.x series, and more
*Recognize the role of Internet telephone gateways
*Understand the relationship between quality of service (QOS), frame relay, and ATM network as voice vehicles
*And much more


《IP電話》一書由Walter Goralski和Matthew Kolon撰寫,揭開了互聯網電話協議和技術的神秘面紗,為基於互聯網的語音通信建立了堅實的框架。這本快速學習參考書解釋了中央辦公室交換機和信令協議的世界,探索了從計費到來電顯示再到語音路由協議的每個階段。同樣地,它探索了互聯網的現有結構和IP協議堆棧,以解釋路由器和無連接IP的世界。你將找到大量示例,演示組織(包括本地、國家和全球)如何利用互聯網電話節省資金並提供從互聯網傳真到解決各種業務問題的服務。這本通俗易懂的指南讓你:

*了解實施標準,如SS7、H.323、RSVP、ITU G.x系列等