Internet Open Trading Protocol

Donald E. Eastlake, Marcus Goncalves, David Burdette

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  • 出版日期: 2000-04-27
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-- The Internet Explosion -- Internet commerce is expected to be a $200 billion industry by the year 2000 according to Forester Research analysts. Internet Open Trading Protocol (IOTP) is a common standard for buying and selling on the Internet.-- Most popular systems under one umbrella -- IOTP allows many payment systems to work together such as SET, Mondex, CyberCash, DigiCash, GoldKarte, etc. The standard is supported by the leaders in e-commerce and computing, including AT&T Universal Card Services, Hewlett Packard, IBM, MasterCard International, Oracle, SUN Microsystems, Well Fargo Bank, and many others.-- Introduction to the Standard -- This book is designed to introduce the technical community and the Internet community to IOTP with a thorough discussion of the standard and how to apply it.-- Complete coverage of the standard -- It is the first to explain the ins and outs of IOTP, why it's important for the future of E-Commerce, and how to implement IOTP. Additionally, it discusses the IOTP Trading mechanisms-- Details of the standard and the coding -- Discusses the advantages of IOTP over current standards such as EDI, and includes coverage of the necessary XML coding and how it's used with IOTP.-- Case Studies -- There is full explanation of how to implement IOTP through the use of case studies from the leaders in E-commerce, including: -- Hewlett Packard-- Open Market-- Mondex-- DigiCash


-- 網際網路爆炸 -- 根據Forester Research分析師的預測,到2000年,網際網路商業預計將成為價值2000億美元的產業。網際網路開放交易協議(IOTP)是一個用於在網際網路上買賣的共同標準。-- 最受歡迎的系統集合 -- IOTP允許許多支付系統一起運作,例如SET、Mondex、CyberCash、DigiCash、GoldKarte等。這個標準得到了電子商務和計算領域的領導者的支持,包括AT&T Universal Card Services、Hewlett Packard、IBM、MasterCard International、Oracle、SUN Microsystems、Well Fargo Bank等等。-- 標準介紹 -- 本書旨在向技術社群和網際網路社群介紹IOTP,並詳細討論該標準及其應用方法。-- 完整涵蓋標準 -- 本書首次解釋了IOTP的細節,以及它對電子商務未來的重要性和如何實施IOTP。此外,它還討論了IOTP交易機制的細節和編碼,並比較了IOTP與EDI等現有標準的優勢,包括必要的XML編碼及其在IOTP中的應用。-- 案例研究 -- 本書通過來自電子商務領域的領導者的案例研究,包括:-- Hewlett Packard-- Open Market-- Mondex-- DigiCash,詳細解釋了如何實施IOTP。