McGraw-Hill Illustrated Telecom Dictionary, 2/e

Jade Clayton




Lavishly illustrated introduction to the world of telecomAn entirely accessible reference, McGraw-Hill IllustratedTelecom Dictionary, Second Edition, is an absolute must foranyone entering telecommunications or data communications,and an indispensable refresher reference for pros in thesefields. Author Jade Clayton, a communications engineer,draws on his 15 years of hands-on experience in almost everyfacet of the industry to give you:*2,700 concise, well-written, no-nonsense definitions - a refreshing change from the rambling, overlong and often confusing definitions in other references*Hundreds of illustrations that vividly clarify terms and definitions*Commanding coverage of emerging technologies in this fast-developing arena, an undertaking made possible by annual updating


whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, you'll find this collection of clear, to-the-point explanations of must-know technical terms invaluable. With the acclaimed McGraw-Hill Illustrated Telecom Dictionary, you don't need an advanced degree in telecommunications to understand the key terms that pop up every day. In these pages, you'll find the project-pertinent explanations of terminology, insider jargon, and acronyms that make sense of the industry, from the basics to fast-breaking trends. And the accompanying CD allows you to easily search the entire book. More than any other learning tool, the annually updated McGraw-Hill Illustrated Telecom Dictionary puts you on solid footing in today's increasingly complext telecom world.



《McGraw-Hill Illustrated Telecom Dictionary, Second Edition》是一本豐富插圖的電信世界入門書籍。這本完全易懂的參考書對於進入電信或數據通信領域的任何人來說都是必不可少的,對於這些領域的專業人士來說也是一本不可或缺的復習參考書。作者Jade Clayton是一位通信工程師,他在業界的幾乎每個方面擁有15年的實踐經驗,他提供了2,700個簡潔、寫得好、直截了當的定義,這與其他參考書中冗長、過長且常常令人困惑的定義形成了鮮明對比。書中還有數百幅插圖,生動地解釋了術語和定義。此外,書中還涵蓋了這個快速發展領域中新興技術的重要內容,這得益於每年的更新。


無論您是一位經驗豐富的專業人士還是剛開始入門,您都會發現這本清晰、簡明解釋必須了解的技術術語的收藏非常有價值。有了著名的《McGraw-Hill Illustrated Telecom Dictionary》,您不需要在電信領域擁有高級學位才能理解每天出現的關鍵術語。在這些頁面中,您將找到與項目相關的術語解釋、內部行話和縮寫,這些解釋能夠理解這個行業的基礎知識和快速變化的趨勢。附帶的光碟讓您可以輕鬆搜索整本書。與其他任何學習工具相比,每年更新的《McGraw-Hill Illustrated Telecom Dictionary》使您在當今日益複雜的電信世界中站穩腳跟。