Six Sigma For Managers (Paperback)

Greg Brue



Tools, Techniques, and Case Studies to Help You Successfully Manage Your Companys Six Sigma Initiative

Six Sigma is todays most dynamic management approach for dramatically improving product and process quality­­along with employee enthusiasm and involvement. Its success, however, requires a new corporate mindset and an entirely transformed set of management practices. Six Sigma for Managers is a step-by-step guidebook for understanding and managing every facet of this landmark quality initiative. The latest addition to McGraw-Hills skills-based Briefcase Books series, it gives you the hands-on knowledge and skills you need to:

  • Prepare employees for a full-time, committed focus on the Six Sigma initiative
  • Use Six Sigma tools to isolate­­and improve­­factors affecting your firms quality and performance
  • Sustain Six Sigma, and create a ripple effect throughout your entire organization

Six Sigma is the key to unlocking new levels of quality, performance, customer service and profit; as a manager, you are the key to unlocking the power of Six Sigma. Let Six Sigma for Managers show you how to wield this power effectively, and lead the way toward transforming your company into a Six Sigma powerhouse.

Briefcase Books, written specifically for todays busy manager, feature eye-catching icons, checklists, and sidebars to guide managers step-by-step through everyday workplace situations. Look for these innovative design features to help you navigate through each page:

  • Clear definitions of key Six Sigma terms, concepts, and jargon
  • Tactics and strategies for overseeing a Six Sigma initiative
  • Insider tips for getting the most from Six Sigma
  • Practical advice for minimizing implementation mistakes
  • Warning signs when preparing for and undertaking a Six Sigma initiative
  • Stories and insights from the Six Sigma experiences of others
  • Specific Six Sigma procedures, tactics, and hands-on techniques




- 為全職、全心全意投入六西格瑪計劃的員工做好準備
- 使用六西格瑪工具來分離和改善影響公司質量和績效的因素
- 維持六西格瑪,並在整個組織中產生連鎖效應



- 清晰定義關鍵的六西格瑪術語、概念和行話
- 監督六西格瑪計劃的策略和戰略
- 從六西格瑪中獲得最大效益的內部貼士
- 最小化實施錯誤的實用建議
- 在準備和進行六西格瑪計劃時的警示信號
- 其他人的六西格瑪經驗的故事和見解
- 具體的六西格瑪程序、策略和實用技巧