Developing MMS Applications: Multimedia Messaging Services for Wireless Networks

Scott Guthery, Mary Cronin



Perfect for building multimedia messaging apps that work on media- capable handsets worldwide, this guide provides a thorough tutorial in MMS programming interfaces, applications, and distribution—putting you steps ahead in delivering today’s hottest mobile applications. Wireless software expert Scott Guthery teams with mobile commerce specialist Mary Cronin to show you how to:

* Design, build, and integrate MMS messaging into your application environment

* Preview your applications with a “build it yourself” MMS testing platform

* Create code that harnesses the profit power of synchronized animated graphics and audio for mobile messaging

* Kick off your own applications with step-by-step examples and sample code

* Make a business case for content-rich mobile applications

* Partner with application aggregators, content providers, and MMS infrastructure vendors to accelerate adoption of your apps

This book is for you if—

* You want a one-stop resource on MMS application design, development, and integration

* You are building multimedia apps for a variety of mobile devices

* You need to understand the business and distribution models for MMS services

* You want to see some sample code for compelling MMS applications

* You are looking for detailed technical information on MMS messages

* You develop content for wireless carriers or wireless media providers

* You want to learn from the early adopters of multimedia wireless services

* You need comprehensive answers on MMS interfaces and standards

Other books offer application overviews. Developing MMS Applications gets you writing code.