Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide, 7/e (Paperback)

Wale Soyinka



Effectively set up and manage any version of Linux on individual servers or entire networks using this practical resource. Fully updated to cover the latest tools and techniques, Linux Administration: A Beginner’s Guide, Seventh Edition features clear explanations, step-by-step instructions, and real-world examples. Find out how to configure hardware and software, work from the GUI or command line, maintain Internet and network services, and secure your data. Performance tuning, virtualization, containers, software management, and backup solutions are covered in detail.

• Install and configure Linux, including the latest distributions from Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, openSUSE, Debian, and RHEL
• Manage users, permissions, files, folders, and applications
• Set up and administer system services and daemons
• Manage software from source code or binary packages
• Customize, build, or patch the Linux kernel
• Work with physical and virtual file systems, such as proc, SysFS, and cgroup
• Understand networking protocols, including TCP/IP, ARP, and sub-netting
• Build reliable firewalls and routers with Netfilter (iptables and nftables) and Linux
• Monitor and test network activity and minimize security threats
• Create and maintain DNS, FTP, Web, e-mail, and VoIP servers
• Share resources using GlusterFS, NFS, and Samba
• Implement popular cloud-based technologies using Linux virtualization and containers using KVM and Docker


這本實用資源將幫助您有效地在個別伺服器或整個網路上設置和管理任何版本的Linux。《Linux Administration: A Beginner’s Guide, Seventh Edition》已全面更新,涵蓋最新的工具和技術,提供清晰的解釋、逐步的指示和實際的範例。您將了解如何配置硬體和軟體、從圖形使用者介面或命令列工作、維護網際網路和網路服務,以及保護您的資料。性能調校、虛擬化、容器、軟體管理和備份解決方案都有詳細介紹。

• 安裝和配置Linux,包括來自Fedora、Ubuntu、CentOS、openSUSE、Debian和RHEL的最新發行版
• 管理使用者、權限、檔案、資料夾和應用程式
• 設置和管理系統服務和守護程序
• 從原始碼或二進位套件管理軟體
• 自訂、建置或修補Linux核心
• 使用實體和虛擬檔案系統,例如proc、SysFS和cgroup
• 了解網路協定,包括TCP/IP、ARP和子網路
• 使用Netfilter(iptables和nftables)和Linux建立可靠的防火牆和路由器
• 監控和測試網路活動,並最小化安全威脅
• 建立和維護DNS、FTP、Web、電子郵件和VoIP伺服器
• 使用GlusterFS、NFS和Samba共享資源
• 使用Linux虛擬化和容器技術(KVM和Docker)實現流行的基於雲端的技術