Data Network Design, 3/e (Paperback)

Darren L. Spohn

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  • 出版日期: 2002-09-24
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Your complete guide to a successful network design strategy

Build and design an end-to-end data network with help from this definitive guide. Covering all current key processes, technologies, and services--including IP and all its derivatives, ATM, Frame Relay, optical networking, SONET, voice over packet, multiplexing, X.25 and SMDS, and security design--this edition is updated with new and expanded coverage of optical switching and routing, MPLS, DSL, GbE, DWDM, PoS, wireless, and more. Youll gain insight into currently available services and find helpful comparisons with real-life examples and tips. Filled with illustrations and organized to walk you through the chronological order of the entire network design process, this authoritative resource combines the technologies and procedures of effective data network design in one volume.

  • Learn about current voice and data network infrastructures and transmission technologies
  • Gain a solid background on multiplexing, switching, and routing technologies and methods
  • Find out about new technologies and services like DWDM, Voice over packet, GbE, and security infrastructures and hardware
  • Discover residential and business access alternatives
  • Work with common protocols and interfaces in the LAN and WAN environment
  • Understand technology requirements from both a users and designers perspective
  • Learn tried-and-tested design tips for each technology and service
  • Tune, secure, and remotely manage your network

Important coverage includes:

  • Enterprise and Service Provider Access
  • How to write an RFI/RFP/RFQ
  • Basic and advanced protocol layering concepts
  • Dedicated, multiplexed, switched, and routed technologies
  • Fiber, copper, and wireless access technologies
  • SONET protocols, hardware, and services
  • ATM, FR, and IP service architecture design and deployment
  • Optical switching and routing with DWDM and PoS
  • Traffic engineering of switched and packet technologies


   Part I: Data Communications: Business Drivers and Networking Directions
    1: Data Communication: Past to Future
    2: Understanding the Standards and Their Makers
    3: Introduction to Transmission Technologies

   Part II: Physical Layer Technologies
    4: Multiplexing and Switching Technologies: An Overview
    5: Optical Networking
    6: Physical Layer Protocols and Access Technologies

   Part III: Protocols and Interfaces: Layer 2
    7: Common Protocols and Interfaces in the LAN Environment
    8: Frame Relay
    9: Common WAN Protocols: ATM

   Part IV: Protocols and Interfaces: Layer 3
    10: Common Protocols and Interfaces in the Upper Layers (TCP/IP)
    11: Mature Packet Switched Protocols

   Part V: Requirements, Planning, and Choosing Technology
    12: Requirements Definition
    13: Traffic Engineering and Capacity Planning
    14: Technology Comparisons

   Part VI: Choosing the Service Provider
    15: Choosing Service Providers

   Part VII: Network Design and Management
    16: Access Network Design
    17: Backbone Network Design
    18: Securing Your Network
    19: Documentation and Network Management

   Part VIII: Emerging Technologies
    20: What’s New on the Horizon

   Part IX: Appendixes
    A: Acronyms and Abbreviations
    B: Standards Sources
    C: IP Mask Reference Table
    D: IP Network: Addressing Reference
    E: Glossaryry



這本權威指南將協助您建立和設計一個從頭到尾的數據網絡。涵蓋了所有當前的關鍵流程、技術和服務,包括IP及其衍生技術、ATM、Frame Relay、光纖網絡、SONET、封包語音、多路復用、X.25和SMDS,以及安全設計。本版更新了光纖交換和路由、MPLS、DSL、GbE、DWDM、PoS、無線等方面的新內容和擴展覆蓋範圍。您將獲得有關當前可用服務的見解,並找到與實際例子和技巧的有用比較。這本權威資源充滿插圖,並按照整個網絡設計過程的時間順序進行組織,將有效的數據網絡設計技術和程序結合在一本書中。

- 了解當前的語音和數據網絡基礎設施和傳輸技術
- 獲得多路復用、交換和路由技術和方法的扎實背景
- 了解DWDM、封包語音、GbE和安全基礎設施和硬件等新技術和服務
- 探索住宅和商業接入的替代方案
- 在局域網和廣域網環境中使用常見的協議和接口
- 從用戶和設計師的角度了解技術需求
- 學習每種技術和服務的經過驗證的設計技巧
- 調整、保護和遠程管理您的網絡

- 企業和服務提供商接入
- 基本和高級協議分層概念
- 專用、多路復用、交換和路由技術
- 光纖、銅線和無線接入技術
- SONET協議、硬件和服務
- ATM、FR和IP服務架構設計和部署
- 使用DWDM和PoS的光纖交換和路由
- 交換和封包技術的流量工程

- 第一部分:數據通信:業務驅動和網絡方向
- 第二部分:物理層技術
- 第三部分:協議和接口:第2層
- 第四部分:協議和接口:第3層
- 第五部分:需求、規劃和選擇技術
- 第六部分:選擇服務提供商
- 第七部分:網絡設計和管理