Oracle9i Web Development, 2/e (Paperback)

Brad Brown

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  • 出版日期: 2001-10-26
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Build High-Performance Internet Applications

Deliver dynamic, scalable Web applications to anyone, anywhere, on any system using Oracle9i and the extensive information contained in this comprehensive resource. Oracle9i Web Development shows you, step-by-step, how to build and maintain robust Java, HTML, XML, WML, and PL/SQL servlets and applications. All of the powerful features of Oracle9i are covered--­­from Oracle Designer, Forms and Reports, Database, and Web Cache to all-new Java and wireless support, Real Application Clusters, iFS, data warehousing, and OLAP. Plus, youll get all the information you need for administering, indexing, troubleshooting, testing, and analyzing your Web site.

  • Install, configure, and maintain Oracle9i Application Server
  • Develop, deploy, and debug JSP, J2EE, XML, WML, and PL/SQL Web applications
  • Create flexible, scalable content with Oracle Designer and Oracle Forms and Reports
  • Integrate any kind of Web data using Oracle9iAS Portal, data warehousing, and iFS
  • Improve performance with Oracle Database Cache and Web Cache
  • Master Real Application Clusters, flashback queries, and Oracle personalizations
  • Implement Oracle9is built-in and toolkit commands, including UTL_HTTP, UTL_SMTP, DBMS_JOB, and OWA_UTIL
  • Build wireless-enabled applications using the XSLT Transformer, WML, and Oracle9iAS Wireless
  • Migrate existing PL/SQL-based applications to the Oracle9i environment
  • Bonus chapters online featuring coverage of Perl, PHP, and great web resources

Includes Security Chapter by Marlene Theriault, coauthor of Oracle Security Handbook

Covers Oracle Database Release 9i and Oracle9i Application Server


Bradley D. Brown is chairman of the board and chief architect of TUSC, an Inc. 500 full-service consulting company--with offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, and Milwaukee--specializing in Oracle consulting, training, and product. He has been involved with Information Technology consulting since 1982 with a focus on Oracle since 1987. Brad is recognized worldwide as a leading Oracle author and speaker and is affectionately known as The Dotcom of Web Technology. He is the author of Oracle Application Server Web Toolkit Reference and Oracle8i Web Development, both for Oracle Press.


   Part I: Getting Prepared
    Chapter 1: Architecture
    Chapter 2: Installation
    Chapter 3: i AS Configuration and Tuning
    Chapter 4: 24×7 Uptime
    Chapter 5: Disaster Planning

   Part II: Core Concepts
    Chapter 6: HTML Development
    Chapter 7: JavaScript Development
    Chapter 8: XML
    Chapter 9: Wireless Development
    Chapter 10: OAS to i AS Migration
    Chapter 11: Built-in PL/SQL Packages
    Chapter 12: Security

   Part III: Modules
    Chapter 13: Java
    Chapter 14: PL/SQL Module

   Part IV: Oracle Tools
    Chapter 15: Designer
    Chapter 16: Oracle9 i AS Portal
    Chapter 17: Oracle Developer¿ Forms and Reports
    Chapter 18: IFS¿Internet File System
    Chapter 19: Web and Database Caching
    Chapter 20: Oracle Enterprise Manager

   Part V: Ongoing Support
    Chapter 21: Troubleshooting
    Chapter 22: Debugging Your Code
    Chapter 23: Logging and Site Analysis
    Chapter 24: Search Engine Ranking Secrets
    Chapter 25: Oracle Text and Ultra Search
    Chapter 26: Load and Application Testing


使用 Oracle9i 和這本全面的資源,將動態、可擴展的網頁應用程式傳遞給任何地方、任何系統的使用者。《Oracle9i Web Development》逐步向您展示如何建立和維護強大的 Java、HTML、XML、WML 和 PL/SQL servlets 和應用程式。涵蓋了 Oracle9i 的所有強大功能,從 Oracle Designer、Forms 和 Reports、Database 和 Web Cache 到全新的 Java 和無線支援、Real Application Clusters、iFS、資料倉儲和 OLAP。此外,您還將獲得管理、索引、疑難排解、測試和分析您的網站所需的所有資訊。

- 安裝、配置和維護 Oracle9i Application Server
- 開發、部署和除錯 JSP、J2EE、XML、WML 和 PL/SQL 網頁應用程式
- 使用 Oracle Designer 和 Oracle Forms 和 Reports 創建靈活、可擴展的內容
- 使用 Oracle9i AS Portal、資料倉儲和 iFS 整合任何類型的網頁資料
- 使用 Oracle Database Cache 和 Web Cache 提升效能
- 掌握 Real Application Clusters、回溯查詢和 Oracle 個人化
- 實施 Oracle9i 內建和工具包命令,包括 UTL_HTTP、UTL_SMTP、DBMS_JOB 和 OWA_UTIL
- 使用 XSLT 轉換器、WML 和 Oracle9i AS Wireless 建立支援無線的應用程式
- 將現有基於 PL/SQL 的應用程式遷移到 Oracle9i 環境
- 在線上提供附加章節,包括 Perl、PHP 和優秀的網頁資源

附帶由 Marlene Theriault 撰寫的安全章節,她是《Oracle Security Handbook》的合著者。

涵蓋了 Oracle Database Release 9i 和 Oracle9i Application Server。

Bradley D. Brown 是 TUSC 的董事長和首席架構師,TUSC 是一家全方位的顧問公司,擁有亞特蘭大、芝加哥、丹佛、底特律和密爾瓦基的辦事處,專注於 Oracle 顧問、培訓和產品。他從 1982 年開始從事資訊科技顧問工作,自 1987 年起專注於 Oracle。Brad 被全球公認為領先的 Oracle 作者和演講者,並被親切地稱為網頁技術的 Dotcom。他是《Oracle Application Server Web Toolkit Reference》和《Oracle8i Web Development》的作者,這兩本書都是為 Oracle Press 撰寫的。

第3章:i AS 配置和調整
第4章:24x7 運行時間

第6章:HTML 開發
第7章:JavaScript 開發
第10章:從 OAS 遷移到 i AS
第11章:內建的 PL/SQL 套件

第14章:PL/SQL 模組

第四部分:Oracle 工具
第16章:Oracle9i AS Portal
第17章:Oracle Developer Forms 和 Reports
第18章:IFS 網際網路檔案系統
第19章:Web Services