Digital Signatures

Ben Hammond



The definitive guide to digital signature applications and implementations

Learn to implement digital signature applications successfully and conduct secure electronic transactions with help from this expert resource. Written by both technical and legal specialists--and endorsed from the most trusted leader in e-security--this book provides you with an unmatched level of combined insight that is both invaluable and practical. Youll find details on all key topics including public key cryptography, data integrity, public key infrastructures, message authentication standards, business drivers and business models, current worldwide legislation, and PKI documentation (certificate policies, certification practice statements, and agreements).Youll also learn how to avoid problems when implementing digital signatures.

  • Recognize the four goals of security--confidentiality, authentication, integrity, and non-repudiation
  • Get an overview of cryptography and learn the differences between keys and passwords
  • Discover how digital signatures work and why they are used
  • Learn about X.509 public-key certificates and directory structures
  • Explore the technical issues--interoperability, accurate timestamps, credential roll-overs, and others
  • Understand the business drivers for digital signature use and impediments to adoption
  • Read about different business models for using digital signatures, such as B2B, B2C, and C2C/P2P
  • Find out about current standards and implementations
  • Gain insight into the legal issues that businesses today face regarding digital signatures
  • Survey different kinds of documentation supporting a PKI and digital signatures, including certificate policies, certification practice statements, and various kinds of agreements

Keep valuable information secure and authenticate your users with digital signatures and certificates--using the most authoritative guide available

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   Ch. 1: Introduction to Digital Signatures
   Ch. 2: Cryptography Overview
   Ch. 3: Public-Key Infrastructure
   Ch. 4: Digital Signatures and Data Integrity
   Ch. 5: The Digital Signature beyond Security
   Ch. 6: Technical Issues
   Ch. 7: Business Issues
   Ch. 8: Standards and Implementations
   Ch. 9: Current U.S. and Worldwide Legislation
   Ch. 10: Legal Issues

    Appendix A: The Complete US E-Sign Act
    Appendix B: The Complete UN Model Law on E-Commerce
    Appendix C: Digital Signature Legislation Matrix




- 瞭解安全的四個目標:保密性、身份驗證、完整性和不可否認性
- 獲得加密的概述,並了解密鑰和密碼之間的區別
- 了解數位簽章的工作原理以及它們的用途
- 了解X.509公鑰證書和目錄結構
- 探索技術問題,如互操作性、準確的時間戳、憑證更換等
- 瞭解數位簽章使用的業務驅動因素和阻礙
- 閱讀有關不同業務模型的數位簽章使用,例如B2B、B2C和C2C/P2P
- 了解當前的標準和實施
- 深入瞭解企業在數位簽章方面面臨的法律問題
- 查看支持PKI和數位簽章的不同類型的文檔,包括證書政策、證書實踐聲明和各種協議


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- 第1章:數位簽章簡介
- 第2章:加密概述
- 第3章:公鑰基礎設施
- 第4章:數位簽章和數據完整性
- 第5章:數位簽章超越安全性
- 第6章:技術問題
- 第7章:業務問題
- 第8章:標準和實施
- 第9章:當前的美國和全球法規
- 第10章:法律問題

- 附錄A:完整的美國電子簽名法案
- 附錄B:完整的聯合國電子商務模型法
- 附錄C:數位簽章法規矩陣