AIX 5L Administration (Paperback)

Randal K. Michael

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  • 出版日期: 2002-08-23
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Your one-stop AIX 5L resource

Maximize the powerful capabilities of AIX version 5L--the fastest growing UNIX operating system--with help from this exceptional guide. Emphasizing everything system administrators need to know--from installation and system architecture to network configuration and security issues--this complete guide contains professional-level coverage of key topics. Youll also find details on new enhancements such as Linux application source compatibility, system V printing, 32- and 64-bit Kernel support, system hang detection, and much more. Comprehensive, practical, and up-to-date, this is a must-have reference for every administrator working with AIX 5L.

  • Learn about all of the new features of AIX--including Linux affinity and JFS2
  • Understand kernel architecture--threads, signals, locks, and overhead
  • Clone AIX systems to different pSeries and RS/6000 hardware
  • Test and apply maintenance level patches, use SMIT, and WebSM
  • Configure the optional 64-bit Kernel support and use added support for System V printing
  • Create new bootable media and backups
  • Configure devices and use Object Data Manager (ODM) components
  • Reduce the size of an active paging space on the fly


  PART I: System Administration Tasks and Tools
   Ch. 1: Introduction
   Ch. 2: DocSearch

  PART II: System and System Architecture
   Ch. 3: Processes and Architecture
   Ch. 4: AIX version 5.1 Kernel

  PART III: System Installation and Management
   Ch. 5: System Management Tools
   Ch. 6: AIX Installation and Management
   Ch. 7: System Boot and Shutdown

  PART IV: System Configuration and Customization
   Ch. 8: Runtime Configuration
   Ch. 9: Devices Configuration and the Object Data Manager (ODM)
   Ch. 10: Tapes
   Ch. 11: Disks and the Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
   Ch. 12: Terminals and Modems
   Ch. 13: Printers

  PART V: Network Configuration and Customizing
   Ch. 14: Network Architecture
   Ch. 15: TCP/IP
   Ch. 16: UUCP
   Ch. 17: System Network Architecture

  PART VI: Networked File Systems
   Ch. 18: Network File System
   Ch. 19: Distributed File System (DFS)
   Ch. 20: Desktop Files Systems

  PART VII: Linux Affinity
   Ch. 21: AIX Affinity with Linux

  PART VIII: Distributed Services
   Ch. 22: Electronic Mail
   Ch. 23: News
   Ch. 24: World Wide Web
   Ch. 25: X11 Administration

  PART IX: Managing Users and Resources
   Ch. 26: Managing the User Environment
   Ch. 27: Process Management
   Ch. 28: System Accounting

  PART X: Security
   Ch. 29: Auditing and Security
   Ch. 30: Distributed Computing Environment (DCE)

  PART XI: System Recovery and Tuning
   Ch. 31: Backup and Copy Utilities
   Ch. 32: System Monitoring and Tuning
   Ch. 33: Problem Analysis and Recovery

  PART XII: High Availability
   Ch. 34: HACMP and Clustering

   Ch. 35: Storage Area Networks
   Ch. 36: Networked Attached Storage

    Appendix A: Tools at a Glance
    Appendix B: Terminals, Terminal Servers, Modems


您的一站式AIX 5L資源

充分利用AIX 5L版本的強大功能,這是最快增長的UNIX操作系統,並從這本卓越的指南中獲得幫助。這本完整指南強調系統管理員需要了解的一切,從安裝和系統架構到網絡配置和安全問題,包含專業級的關鍵主題。您還將找到有關新增強功能的詳細信息,例如Linux應用程序源代碼兼容性、系統V打印、32位和64位內核支持、系統掛起檢測等等。這本全面、實用和最新的參考書是每個使用AIX 5L的管理員必備的工具。

  • 了解AIX的所有新功能,包括Linux親和性和JFS2

  • 了解內核架構-線程、信號、鎖和開銷

  • 將AIX系統克隆到不同的pSeries和RS/6000硬件

  • 測試和應用維護級別補丁,使用SMIT和WebSM

  • 配置可選的64位內核支持,並使用增加的系統V打印支持

  • 創建新的可啟動媒體和備份

  • 配置設備並使用對象數據管理器(ODM)組件

  • 在運行時減小活動分頁空間的大小



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