Backup & Recovery (Paperback)

W. Curtis Preston

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Packed with practical, freely available backup and recovery solutions for Unix, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X systems -- as well as various databases -- this new guide is a complete overhaul of Unix Backup & Recovery by the same author, now revised and expanded with over 75% new material.

Backup & Recovery starts with a complete overview of backup philosophy and design, including the basic backup utilities of tar, dump, cpio, ntbackup, ditto, and rsync. It then explains several open source backup products that automate backups using those utilities, including AMANDA, Bacula, BackupPC, rdiff-backup, and rsnapshot. Backup & Recovery then explains how to perform bare metal recovery of AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, VMWare, & Windows systems using freely-available utilities. The book also provides overviews of the current state of the commercial backup software and hardware market, including overviews of CDP, Data De-duplication, D2D2T, and VTL technology. Finally, it covers how to automate the backups of DB2, Exchange, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL-Server, and Sybase databases - without purchasing a commercial backup product to do so.

For environments of all sizes and budgets, this unique book shows you how to ensure data protection without resorting to expensive commercial solutions. You will soon learn to:

  • Automate the backup of popular databases without a commercial utility
  • Perform bare metal recovery of any popular open systems platform, including your PC or laptop
  • Utilize valuable but often unknown open source backup products
  • Understand the state of commercial backup software, including explanations of CDP and data de-duplication software
  • Access the current state of backup hardware, including Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs)


Table of Contents


Part I. Introduction

1. The Philosophy of Backup

     Champagne Backup on a Beer Budget

     Why Should I Read This Book?

     Why Back Up?

     Wax On, Wax Off: Finding a Balance

2. Backing It All Up

     Don't Skip This Chapter!

     Deciding Why You Are Backing Up

     Deciding What to Back Up

     Deciding When to Back Up

     Deciding How to Back Up

     Storing Your Backups

     Testing Your Backups

     Monitoring Your Backups

     Following Proper Development Procedures

     Unrelated Miscellanea

     Good Luck

Part II. Open-Source Backup Utilities

3. Basic Backup and Recovery Utilities

     An Overview

     Backing Up and Restoring with ntbackup

     Using System Restore in Windows

     Backing Up with the dump Utility

     Restoring with the restore Utility

     Limitations of dump and restore

     Features to Check For

     Backing Up and Restoring with the cpio Utility

     Backing Up and Restoring with the tar Utility

     Backing Up and Restoring with the dd Utility

     Using rsync

     Backing Up and Restoring with the ditto Utility
     Comparing tar, cpio, and dump

     Using ssh or rsh as a Conduit Between Systems

4. Amanda

     Summary of Important Features

     Configuring Amanda

     Backing Up Clients via NFS or Samba

     Amanda Recovery

     Community and Support Options

     Future Plans

5. BackupPC

     BackupPC Features

     How BackupPC Works

     Installation How-To

     Starting BackupPC

     Per-Client Configuration

     The BackupPC Community

     The Future of BackupPC

6. Bacula

     Bacula Architecture

     Bacula Features

     An Example Configuration

     Advanced Features

     Future Directions

7. Open-Source Near-CDP

     rsync with Snapshots



Part III. Commercial Backup

8. Commercial Backup Utilities

     What to Look For

     Full Support of Your Platforms

     Backup of Raw Partitions

     Backup of Very Large Filesystems and Files

     Aggressive Requirements

     Simultaneous Backup of Many Clients to One Drive
     Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape Backup

     Simultaneous Backup of One Client to Many Drives

     Data Requiring Special Treatment

     Storage Management Features

     Reduction in Network Traffic

     Support of a Standard or Custom Backup Format

     Ease of Administration


     Ease of Recovery

     Protection of the Backup Index



     Volume Verification



     Final Thoughts

9. Backup Hardware

     Decision Factors

     Using Backup Hardware

     Tape Drives

     Optical Drives

     Automated Backup Hardware

     Disk Targets

Part IV. Bare-Metal Recovery

10. Solaris Bare-Metal Recovery

     Using Flash Archive

     Preparing for an Interactive Restore

     Setup of a Noninteractive Restore

     Final Thoughts

11. Linux and Windows

     How It Works

     The Steps in Theory


     Alt-Boot Full Image Method

     Alt-Boot Partition Image Method

     Live Method

     Alt-Boot Filesystem Method

     Automate Bare-Metal Recovery with G4L

     Commercial Solutions

12. HP-UX Bare-Metal Recovery

     System Recovery with Ignite-UX

     Planning for Ignite-UX Archive Storage and Recovery

     Implementation Example

     System Cloning


     System Recovery and Disk Mirroring

13. AIX Bare-Metal Recovery

     IBM's mksysb and savevg Utilities

     Backing Up with mksysb

     Setting Up NIM

     savevg Operations

     Verifying a mksysb or savevg Backup

     Restoring an AIX System with mksysb

     System Cloning

14. Mac OS X Bare-Metal Recovery

     How It Works

     A Sample Bare-Metal Recovery

Part V. Database Backup

15. Backing Up Databases

     Can It Be Done?

     Confusion: The Mysteries of Database Architecture

     The Muck Stops Here: Databases in Plain English

     What's the Big Deal?

     Database Structure

     An Overview of a Page Change

     ACID Compliance

     What Can Happen to an RDBMS?

     Backing Up an RDBMS

     Restoring an RDBMS

     Documentation and Testing

     Unique Database Requirements

16. Oracle Backup and Recovery

     Two Backup Methods

     Oracle Architecture

     Physical Backups Without rman

     Physical Backups with rman


     Managing the Archived Redo Logs

     Recovering Oracle

     Logical Backups

     A Broken Record

17. Sybase Backup and Recovery

     Sybase Architecture

     The Power User's View

     The DBA's View

     Protecting Your Database

     Backup Automation Through Scripting

     Physical Backups with a Storage Manager

     Recovering Your Database

     Common Sybase Procedures

     Sybase Recovery Procedure

18. IBM DB2 Backup and Recovery

     DB2 Architecture

     The backup, restore, rollforward, and recover Commands

     Recovering Your Database

19. SQL Server

     Overview of SQL Server

     The Power User's View

     The DBA's View


     Logical (Table-Level) Backups

     Restore and Recovery

20. Exchange

     Exchange Architecture

     Storage Groups


     Using ntbackup to Back Up


     Exchange Restore

21. PostgreSQL

     PostgreSQL Architecture

     Backup and Recovery

     Point-in-Time Recovery

22. MySQL

     MySQL Architecture

     MySQL Backup and Recovery Methodologies

Part VI. Potpourri

23. VMware and Miscellanea

     Backing Up VMware Servers

     Volatile Filesystems

     Demystifying dump

     How Do I Read This Volume?

     Gigabit Ethernet

     Disk Recovery Companies


     Trust Me About the Backups

24. It's All About Data Protection

     Business Reasons for Data Protection

     Technical Reasons for Data Protection

     Backup and Archive

     What Needs to Be Backed Up?

     What Needs to Be Archived?

     Examples of Backup and Archive

     Can Open-Source Backup Do the Job?

     Disaster Recovery

     Everything Starts with the Business

     Storage Security





這本新指南提供了Unix、Linux、Windows和Mac OS X系統以及各種數據庫的實用、免費的備份和恢復解決方案,是同一作者的Unix Backup & Recovery的全面改版,現在修訂和擴充了75%以上的新內容。

Backup & Recovery從完整的備份理念和設計概述開始,包括tar、dump、cpio、ntbackup、ditto和rsync等基本備份工具。然後,它解釋了幾個使用這些工具自動備份的開源備份產品,包括AMANDA、Bacula、BackupPC、rdiff-backup和rsnapshot。 Backup & Recovery還解釋了如何使用免費的工具對AIX、HP-UX、Linux、Mac OS、Solaris、VMWare和Windows系統進行裸金屬恢復。該書還概述了商業備份軟件和硬件市場的現狀,包括CDP、數據去重、D2D2T和VTL技術的概述。最後,它介紹了如何在不購買商業備份產品的情況下自動備份DB2、Exchange、MySQL、Oracle、PostgreSQL、SQL-Server和Sybase數據庫。


  • 在沒有商業工具的情況下自動備份流行的數據庫

  • 對任何流行的開放系統平台(包括您的個人電腦或筆記本電腦)進行裸金屬恢復

  • 利用有價值但常常不為人知的開源備份產品

  • 了解商業備份軟件的現狀,包括CDP和數據去重軟件的解釋

  • 瞭解備份硬件的現狀,包括虛擬磁帶庫(VTL)




第一部分. 簡介

1. 備份的理念





2. 全部備份












第二部分. 開源備份工具

3. 基本備份和恢復工具