Oracle9i JDeveloper Handbook (Paperback)

Peter Koletzke, Paul Dorsey, Avrom Faderman

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  • 出版日期: 2002-12-17
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  • ISBN-13: 9780072223842
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Develop Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Applications

Oracle9i JDeveloper is a great tool for developers who need a complete, productive Java development environment. This book is a must for anyone looking to learn how to use Oracle9i JDeveloper. --Michael Winner, Vice President of Technology, Conference Planners LLC

Take full advantage of Oracle9i JDeveloper--the award-winning integrated development environment (IDE) for Java programming--using this authoritative resource. From the exclusive publishers of Oracle Press books, Oracle9i JDeveloper Handbook explains how to design, debug, and deploy J2EE applications and describes the features, wizards, and code generators available in Oracle9i JDeveloper. Youll also find details about Business Components for Java (BC4J) as well as plenty of annotated, hands-on practices throughout the book--so that you can begin developing applications right away.

  • Leverage the power of the Oracle9i JDeveloper IDE
  • Use BC4J to tightly couple applications to database objects and to represent business rules
  • Construct Java applications and applets
  • Construct JavaServer Pages (JSP) applications
  • Deploy applications into J2EE environments
  • Create customized, high-performance, scalable BC4J applications
  • Model your applications using the UML Class Modeler
  • Understand how to best use the BC4J Data Tags Library for JSP pages


   PART I: Overview
    1: Overview of JDeveloper
    2: The Integrated Development Environment
    3: Creating BC4J Applications with the IDE Tools
    4: Java Language Concepts for JDeveloper Work
    5: Naming Conventions
    6: Debugging the Code
    7: J2EE Architectures and Deployment Alternatives
    8: The Class Modeler

   PART II: Business Components for Java
    9: Introducing Business Components for Java
    10: Representing Data
    11: Modeling Business Components and Generating Database Tables
    12: Adding Business Rules
    13: Working with Queries
    14: Working with Queries at Runtime
    15: Managing Multiple Transactions
    16: Deploying Business Components

   PART III: Java Client Applications
    17: Java Client Overview
    18: User Interface Components
    19: Menus and Toolbars
    20: Layout Managers

   PART IV: JavaServer Pages Applications
    21: JSP Development
    22: Constructing JSP Pages with BC4J Data Tags
    23: BC4J Data Tag Techniques
    24: A Closer Look at BC4J Data Tags

    A: Wizards and Dialogs
    B: Other Resources
    C: UML Class Diagram Syntax
    D: Overview of HTML and Cascading Style Sheets


開發Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)應用程式

Oracle9i JDeveloper是一個非常適合需要完整且高效的Java開發環境的開發人員的工具。這本書對於任何想要學習如何使用Oracle9i JDeveloper的人來說都是必讀的。- Michael Winner, 技術副總裁, Conference Planners LLC

充分利用Oracle9i JDeveloper這個屢獲殊榮的整合開發環境(IDE)來進行Java編程,使用這本權威資源。作為Oracle Press書籍的獨家出版商,《Oracle9i JDeveloper手冊》解釋了如何設計、調試和部署J2EE應用程式,並描述了Oracle9i JDeveloper中可用的功能、精靈和代碼生成器。您還將在整本書中找到有關Java Business Components(BC4J)的詳細信息,以及大量的註釋和實踐,讓您可以立即開始開發應用程式。

利用Oracle9i JDeveloper IDE的強大功能
構建JavaServer Pages(JSP)應用程式
了解如何最佳使用BC4J Data Tags Library來開發JSP頁面

1. JDeveloper概述
2. 整合開發環境
3. 使用IDE工具創建BC4J應用程式
4. JDeveloper工作中的Java語言概念
5. 命名慣例
6. 調試代碼
7. J2EE架構和部署選項
8. 類模型器

第二部分:Java Business Components
9. 介紹Java Business Components
10. 數據表示
11. 建模業務組件並生成數據庫表
12. 添加業務規則
13. 使用查詢
14. 在運行時使用查詢
15. 管理多個事務
16. 部署業務組件

17. Java客戶端概述
18. 用戶界面組件
19. 菜單和工具欄
20. 佈局管理器

第四部分:JavaServer Pages應用程式
21. JSP開發
22. 使用BC4J數據標籤構建JSP頁面
23. BC4J數據標籤技術
24. BC4J數據標籤詳細介紹