ActionScript: The Complete Reference (Paperback)

William B. Sanders

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  • 出版日期: 2002-10-25
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  • ISBN-13: 9780072226430
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Full of colorful examples that bring the code descriptions to life, something Macromedias own material just doesnt do. --David Emberton

The Definitive Resource on ActionScript programming

Push Flash MX further with this comprehensive volume on the features and capabilities of ActionScript. Cover fundamental ActionScript actions like controlling motion, movie clips, and interaction. Take advantage of new properties and methods, object-oriented features, and user interface components--plus handle variables and format text dynamically with new formatting objects. Work with ActionScript objects and Object-oriented Programming to develop complex designs and reuse modules for other components. Macromedia Flash MX ActionScript: The Complete Reference will help you utilize the native programming language of Macromedia Flash to construct powerful Web applications that are both visually attractive and highly functional.

  • Increase the speed and download time of your Flash animations
  • Integrate interactive elements into your Flash applications
  • Experiment with motion graphics utilizing new properties and methods
  • Understand basic actions, operators, functions, properties, and constants
  • Optimize your code with new ActionScript coding standards
  • Dynamically format text and variables with new text-formatting objects
  • Dynamically configure Flash MX UI components
  • Use XML and XML open socket technology with Flash MX
  • Load and format remote files in Flash


   Part I: Introducing Macromedia Flash MX ActionScript
    1: Working in ActionScript
    2: Variables and Data Types

   Part II: Fundamental ActionScript
    3: Basic Actions I
    4: Basic Actions II
    5: Operators
    6: Functions
    7: Properties and Constants

   Part III: ActionScript Objects
    8: Core Objects I
    9: Core Objects II
    10: Movie Objects I
    11: Movie Objects II
    12: Movie Objects III
    13: Client/Server and Authoring

   Part IV: ActionScript User Interface Components
    14: FCheckBox
    15: FComboBox
    16: FListBox
    17: FPushButton
    18: FRadioButton
    19: FScrollBar
    20: FScrollPane
    21: FStyleFormat

    A: Deprecated Terms in ActionScript


充滿豐富的色彩範例,使程式碼的描述更加生動,這是Macromedia自家材料所無法做到的。-- David Emberton


這本全面介紹ActionScript功能和能力的書籍,將幫助您更深入地使用Flash MX。涵蓋基本的ActionScript操作,如控制動畫、電影片段和互動。利用新的屬性和方法、物件導向功能和使用者介面元件,以及使用新的格式化物件動態處理變數和文字格式。使用ActionScript物件和物件導向編程來開發複雜的設計,並為其他元件重複使用模組。Macromedia Flash MX ActionScript: The Complete Reference將幫助您利用Macromedia Flash的原生程式語言建構功能強大、視覺吸引力和高度功能性的網頁應用程式。

  • 提升Flash動畫的速度和下載時間

  • 將互動元素整合到Flash應用程式中

  • 利用新的屬性和方法進行動態圖形實驗

  • 了解基本的操作、運算子、函數、屬性和常數

  • 使用新的ActionScript編碼標準優化您的程式碼

  • 使用新的文字格式化物件動態格式化文字和變數

  • 動態配置Flash MX使用者介面元件

  • 使用Flash MX的XML和XML開放式套接字技術

  • 在Flash中載入和格式化遠程檔案

Part I: 介紹Macromedia Flash MX ActionScript
1: 在ActionScript中工作
2: 變數和資料類型

Part II: 基本ActionScript
3: 基本操作 I
4: 基本操作 II
5: 運算子
6: 函數
7: 屬性和常數

Part III: ActionScript物件
8: 核心物件 I
9: 核心物件 II
10: 電影物件 I
11: 電影物件 II
12: 電影物件 III
13: 客戶端/伺服器和製作

Part IV: ActionScript使用者介面元件
14: FCheckBox
15: FComboBox
16: FListBox
17: FPushButton
18: FRadioButton
19: FScrollBar
20: FScrollPane
21: FStyleFormat

A: ActionScript中已棄用的術語