Oracle9i RMAN Backup & Recovery

Robert G. Freeman, Matthew Hart

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  • 出版日期: 2002-11-08
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Learn to Use All the Features of Oracle Recovery Manager

Take full advantage of RMAN (Recovery Manager), the backup and recovery technology built into Oracle9i. From the exclusive publishers of Oracle Press books, this expert guide details RMANs features and explains how to set up databases for RMAN, back up and recover databases with RMAN, use the recovery catalog, and much more. Youll also get helpful case studies that illustrate RMAN in action. This is an indispensable resource for all Oracle DBAs and system administrators.

  • Configure RMAN default settings
  • Use RMAN for offline, online, and incremental backups
  • Restore RMAN backups to disk and recover your database
  • Use Oracle9i Enterprise Manager for backup and recovery
  • Maintain and tune RMAN and use the recovery catalog
  • Use Legato Single Server Version (LSSV), VERITAS NetBackup, and other media management tools
  • Run RMAN lists and reports
  • Leverage RMAN for high availability environments
  • Create clone databases and standby databases from RMAN backups
  • Back up and recover Real Applications Cluster (RAC) databases

Covers Oracle Database Releases 8i and 9i


   Part I: Starting Out
    1: Oracle9i Backup and Recovery Architecture Tour
    2: Introduction to the RMAN Architecture

   PART II: Setup Principles and Practices
    3: RMAN Setup and Configuration
    4: Media Management Considerations
    5: Configuring VERITAS NetBackup™
    6: Configuring Legato Networker Module for Oracle
    7: RMAN and Tivoli Storage Manager
    8: Configuring HP OmniBack II v4.0

   PART III: Using RMAN Effectively
    9: RMAN Backups
    10: RMAN Restore & Recovery
    11: Using Oracle9i Enterprise Manager for Backup Implementations
    12: RMAN Advanced Recovery Topics
    13: Maintaining RMAN
    14: RMAN Reporting
    15: Performance Tuning RMAN Backup and Recovery Operations

   PART IV: RMAN: Beyond Backup and Recovery
    16: Duplication: Cloning the Target Database
    17: RMAN and the Standby Database
    18: RMAN and Real Application Clusters
    19: RMAN in the Workplace: Case Studies

   PART V: Appendixes
    A: RMAN Syntax Reference Guide
    B: Exploring the Recovery Catalog
    C: Oracle8i Syntactical Differences
    D: Setting Up an RMAN Test Environment


學習使用Oracle Recovery Manager的所有功能

充分利用內建於Oracle9i的備份和還原技術RMAN(Recovery Manager)。這本由Oracle Press出版的專家指南詳細介紹了RMAN的功能,並解釋了如何為RMAN設置數據庫,使用RMAN備份和還原數據庫,使用恢復目錄等等。您還將獲得有用的案例研究,以示範RMAN的應用。這是所有Oracle DBA和系統管理員的必備資源。

- 配置RMAN的默認設置
- 使用RMAN進行離線、在線和增量備份
- 將RMAN備份還原到磁盤並恢復您的數據庫
- 使用Oracle9i Enterprise Manager進行備份和還原
- 維護和調整RMAN並使用恢復目錄
- 使用Legato Single Server Version(LSSV)、VERITAS NetBackup和其他媒體管理工具
- 執行RMAN列表和報告
- 利用RMAN實現高可用性環境
- 從RMAN備份創建克隆數據庫和待命數據庫
- 備份和還原實際應用集群(RAC)數據庫

涵蓋Oracle Database 8i和9i版本

- 第一部分:入門
- 第1章:Oracle9i備份和還原架構導覽
- 第2章:RMAN架構介紹

- 第二部分:設置原則和實踐
- 第3章:RMAN設置和配置
- 第4章:媒體管理考慮事項
- 第5章:配置VERITAS NetBackup
- 第6章:配置Legato Networker模塊用於Oracle
- 第7章:RMAN和Tivoli Storage Manager
- 第8章:配置HP OmniBack II v4.0

- 第三部分:有效使用RMAN
- 第9章:RMAN備份
- 第10章:RMAN還原和恢復
- 第11章:使用Oracle9i Enterprise Manager進行備份實施
- 第12章:RMAN高級恢復主題
- 第13章:維護RMAN
- 第14章:RMAN報告
- 第15章:性能調優RMAN備份和還原操作

- 第四部分:RMAN:超越備份和還原
- 第16章:複製:克隆目標數據庫
- 第17章:RMAN和待命數據庫
- 第18章:RMAN和實際應用集群
- 第19章:RMAN在工作場所的案例研究

- 附錄:
- 附錄A:RMAN語法參考指南
- 附錄B:探索恢復目錄
- 附錄C:Oracle8i語法差異
- 附錄D:設置RMAN測試環境