Portable DBA: SQL Server

Damir Bersinic, Stephen Giles

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This book is the ultimate field guide for every SQL Server DBA’s laptop bag. Don’t go onsite without it! Covers the most commonly used SQL Server database versions. Handy, easy-to-find information includes security, database creation and management, restoration and recovery, automating SQL Server administration, monitoring performance, tuning, and much more.


    1: SQL Server Overview
    2: Installing, Configuring, and Upgrading SQL Server
    3: SQL Server Security
    4: Creating and Managing Databases
    5: Creating and Managing Database Objects
    6: Database Backups
    7: Restoring and Recovering Databases
    8: Loading and Extracting Data
    9: Automating SQL Server Administration
    10: Performance Tuning Part 1: Monitoring SQL Server Performance
    11: Performance Tuning Part 2: Tuning SQL Server
    12: SQL Server Replication
    13: Managing Distributed Databases
    14: Clustering and Log Shipping