How to Do Everything with Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9

David Plotkin



This great guide is packed with juicy tidbits on software and digital photography techniques. Get updates on new features and new technologies. Learn tips and techniques for transforming digital pictures, printing, improving detailed areas, shape configuring, and going beyond the basics with text, edges and filters. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, author David Plotkin has plenty of help for you.


   Part I: Get to Know Digital Image Pro
    1: Navigate in Digital Image Pro
    2: Configure Digital Image Pro
    3: Get Your Images into Digital Image Pro

   Part II: Make Simple Adjustments to Your Images
    4: Make General Fixes to an Entire Image
    5: Customize and Use the Paint Tools
    6: Touch Up Your Photo
    7: Make Selections and Apply Changes

   Part III: Make Changes Specific to Parts of Your Photos
    8: Work with Objects and Layers
    9: Add and Configure Shapes

   Part IV: Use Filters, Text, and Edges to GoBeyond the Darkroom
    10: Add Text to Your Image
    11: Apply Edges to Dress Up an Image
    12: Apply Filters to Customize Your Picture
    13: Use Your Photos in a Project
    14: Modify Multiple Photos in the Mini Lab
    15: Publishing and Sharing Your Photos
    16: Print Your Images


這本精彩的指南充滿了關於軟體和數位攝影技術的豐富資訊。獲取有關新功能和新技術的更新。學習轉換數位照片、列印、改善細節區域、形狀配置以及超越基礎知識的文字、邊緣和濾鏡的技巧和技術。無論您是初學者還是專業人士,作者David Plotkin都有很多幫助您的內容。

1. 在數位圖像處理中導航
2. 配置數位圖像處理
3. 將圖像導入數位圖像處理

4. 對整個圖像進行一般修復
5. 自定義並使用繪圖工具
6. 修飾您的照片
7. 選擇並應用更改

8. 使用物件和圖層
9. 添加和配置形狀

10. 將文字添加到您的圖像
11. 應用邊緣來裝飾圖像
12. 應用濾鏡自定義您的圖片
13. 在項目中使用您的照片
14. 在迷你實驗室中修改多張照片
15. 發佈和分享您的照片
16. 列印您的圖像