Digital Photography: The Missing Manual (Paperback)

Chris Grover, Barbara Brundage

  • 出版商: O'Reilly
  • 出版日期: 2006-07-25
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 432
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0596008414
  • ISBN-13: 9780596008413
  • 相關分類: 設計攝影 Photograph
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Digital Photography: The Missing Manual helps you to take beautiful digital pictures -- of your baby, your trip to Paris, your new pet iguana--and then share the stunning results with your friends and family. Spiked with the advice and humor that are trademarks of the Missing Manual series, this book shows you how to:
    Master your digital camera.
    Learn how to use those mysterious buttons and modes to improve your pictures.
    Take memorable photos.
    Become a better photographer right away with a few simple tricks from the pros.
    Edit your photos to remove red eye, or crop out extraneous buildings.
    Add colors and effects not normally found in nature.
    Share your pictures using the best programs and Web sites for sharing your photos-in print, online, and via ESP.
This is a great book for people who want to get started with digital photography but it's also perfect for those who need to increase the skills they already have. Intermediate digital photographers will love the tips and tricks from the pros and the helpful buying guides for those accessories they're ready to add. Note: This book is Windows-only. For Mac fans, iPhoto 6: The Missing Manual has a whole section on digital photography.


Table of Contents

The Missing Credits


Part One: Digital Camera Basics

Chapter 1. Digital Camera Basics

     Point-and-Shoot or Single Lens Reflex?

     Image Resolution and Memory Capacity

               Resolution for Onscreen Viewing

               Resolution for Printing

               How Many Pictures per Card?

               Memory Card Types


     Deciphering Optical and Digital Zoom

     Image Stabilizer (Vibration Reduction)

     Flip Screens for Multiple Viewpoints

     Optical Viewfinder

     Taking Control with Manual Options

               Aperture-Priority Mode

               Shutter-Priority Mode

               White Balance

               Variable "Film" Speed

     Improving Autofocus

     External Flashes and Other Attachments

     Minimizing Shutter Lag

     Burst Mode for Rapid-Fire Shooting

     Creating Panoramas

     Software That Comes with Your Camera

     Eliminating Specks (Noise Reduction)

     Taking Movies with Your Camera

Chapter 2. Pointing, Shooting, and Basic Composition

     Composition Explained

     Apply the Rule of Thirds

     Get Closer for Better Pictures

     Eliminate Busy Backgrounds

     Go Low, Go High

     A Final Thought

Chapter 3. Beyond the Simple Snapshot

     Shooting Sports and Action

               Getting Close to the Action

               Using a Fast Shutter

               Saving Time by Focusing in Advance

               Increasing Your Odds with Multiple Shots

               Putting the Spotlight on Your Subject

               Action Shot Techniques Summarized

     Taking Portraits

               Creating Flattering Headshots

               Shooting in Existing or Natural Light

               Taking Portraits Outdoors

               Taking Self-Portraits

     Kids and School Performances

               Getting Great Kid Shots

               Shooting Onstage Performances

     Weddings and Celebrations

               Photographing Weddings

     Sunsets and Nighttime Photos


               Trailing Car Lights

               Star Trails

               Twilight Portraits

               Nighttime Portraits

     Landscape and Nature

               Making the Most of Natural Light

               Shooting Underwater

     Photographing Objects

               Setting Up Your Home Studio

               Natural Lighting for Objects

     Digital Movies

     Cameraphone Photography

Part Two: Organizing Your Photos

Chapter 4. Getting Photos onto Your PC

     Moving Pictures from Camera to Computer

     Moving Pictures from a Card Reader to a PC

     Importing Photos with a Scanner

               Choosing a Scanner

               Installing a Scanner

     Three Ways to Scan an Image

     Using Windows Scanner Wizard

Chapter 5. Organizing Photos on Your PC

     Organizing Photos with Windows XP

               Navigating the My Pictures Folder

               Adding New Subfolders

               Moving and Copying Photos

               Deleting Photos

               Customizing Windows Folders for Photos

               Examining Photo Properties

     Organizing Photos with EasyShare Albums

               Getting Your Photos into EasyShare

               Creating and Removing Albums

               Copying Photos to New Albums

               Removing and Deleting Photos

               Fine-Tuning Your Organization Strategy

     Organizing Photos with Picasa

               Getting Your Photos into Picasa

               Exploring the Library View

               Scrolling Through the Lightbox

               Creating, Editing, and Sorting Folders

               Organizing Folders with Collections

               Labeling Photos for Quick and Easy Browsing

               Adding Keywords, Captions, and Stars to Photos

               Searching for Photos

Chapter 6. Storing Your Photos Online

     Why Put Your Photos Online?

     Choosing an Online Photo Service

     Getting Photos Online with EasyShare

               Uploading from the EasyShare Program

               Uploading Photos with Your Web Browser

     Organizing Photos with EasyShare

               Arranging Your Photos in an Album

               Copying and Moving Photos Between Albums

               Deleting Photos from Your Albums

     Getting Photos Online with Shutterfly

               Uploading Photos with Your Browser

               Uploading Photos with Shutterfly Express

               Navigating Shutterfly's Online Tools

     Organizing Photos with Shutterfly

               Moving, Copying, and Deleting Photos

     Getting Photos Online with Snapfish

               Uploading Photos with Your Browser

               Navigating Snapfish's Online Tools

     Organizing Photos with Snapfish

               Moving, Copying, and Deleting Photos

     Getting Photos Online with Flickr

               Uploading Photos with Your Browser

               Installing and Using Flickr Uploadr

               Emailing Photos to Flickr

     Organizing Photos with Flickr

               Creating a New Photo Set

               Browsing and Searching Your Photos by Tag

               Deleting Photos from Flickr

               Flickr's Organizr

Chapter 7. Backing Up Your Photo Library

     Strategies to Protect Your Photos

     CD, DVD, or Hard Drive?

               CDs (CD-R)

               Single Layer DVDs (DVD-R, DVD+R)

               Dual Layer DVDs

               External Hard Drives

               Internal Hard Drives

     EasyShare's Backup Tools

     Picasa's Backup Tools

Chapter 8. Organizing and Backing Up with Elements

     Importing with the Photo Downloader

               Changing Elements' Download Settings

     Browsing Photos in the Organizer

               A Tour of the Photo Browser

               Navigating Your Photo Folders in Organizer

               Viewing Photos by Date

     Creating Tags and Categories

     Assigning Tags to Photos

     Creating Collections

     Searching for Photos

               Using Tags and Categories to Find Photos

               Searching by Metadata

     Backing Up with the Organizer

Part Three: Editing Your Photos

Chapter 9. Basic Photo Fixes

     Common Problems, Easy Fixes

     Rotating & Cropping with EasyShare

               Rotating Photos

               Cropping Photos

     Improving Photos with EasyShare

               Enhancing Exposure and Color with a Single Click

               Adjusting Exposure with Scene Balance

               Balancing the Color in Your Photos

     Fixing Red Eye with EasyShare

     Rotate and Straighten with Picasa

               Straightening Your Photos

     Cropping Photos with Picasa

     Fixing Exposure Problems with Picasa

               Adjusting Fill Light in Your Photos

     Fixing Contrast & Color with Picasa

               The "I'm Feeling Lucky" Button

               Applying Auto Contrast and Auto Color

               Fine-Tuning Your Photos

     Fixing Red Eye with Picasa

Chapter 10. Rotating, Cropping, and Resizing with Elements

     Changing Your View of Your Photos

               Image Views

               The Zoom Tool

               The Hand Tool

     Rotating Photos

               Rotating and Flipping Options

     Straightening Photos

               Straighten Tool

               Free Rotate

               Straightening Scanned Photos

     Cropping Photos

               Using the Crop Tool

               Cropping Your Image to an Exact Size

               Cropping with the Marquee Tool

     Changing the Size of Your Photos

               Resizing Images for Email and the Web

               Resizing for Printing

               Adding Canvas

Chapter 11. The Quick Fix

     A Tour of the Quick Fix Window

               The Quick Fix Toolbox

               The Quick Fix Control Panel

               Different Views: After vs. Before and After

     Quick Fix Suggested Workflow

     Fixing Red Eye

     The Smart Fix

     Adjusting Lighting and Contrast



               Shadows and Highlights

     Correcting Color

               Auto Color

               Using the Color sliders


Chapter 12. Advanced Photo Retouching with Elements

     Fixing Exposure Problems

               The Shadows/Highlights Command

     Sharpening Your Images

               Applying the Unsharp Mask

     Fixing Blemishes: An Introduction

     Correcting the Colors on Your Screen

               Getting Started with Calibrating

     Taking Control with Levels

               Understanding the Histogram

               Adjusting Levels: The Eyedropper Method

               Adjusting Levels: The Slider Controls

     Removing Unwanted Color

               Using the Remove Color Cast Tool

               Using Color Variations

     Making Your Colors More Vibrant

               Using the Hue/Saturation Dialog Box

               Adjusting Saturation with the Sponge Tool

Chapter 13. Creating Special Effects

     Adding Effects with EasyShare

               Adding an Effect

               Scene Effects

               Fun Effects

               Undoing an Effect

     Adding Effects with Picasa

               Applying an Effect

               The Effects Panel: A Tour

               Undoing Picasa's Effects

     Adding Effects with Elements

               Applying Filters

               Choosing Filter Menu Commands

               Navigating the Styles and Effects Palette

               A Tour of the Filter Gallery

               Filter Categories

     Creating Panoramas with Elements

               Selecting Photos to Merge

               Merging Photos into a Panorama

               Adjusting Your Photos

               Fine-Tuning Your Panorama

               Finishing Up: Creating Your Panorama

Part Four: Sharing Your Photos

Chapter 14. Sharing Your Photos Online

     Choosing a Photo-Sharing Service

     Sharing Photos with EasyShare

               Selecting Photos to Share

               Sharing a Slideshow

     Sharing Photos with Shutterfly Express

               Uploading and Sharing with Shutterfly Express

     Sharing Photos with Snapfish

     Sharing Photos and Hobbies: Flickr

               Flickr's Many Ways to Share

               Creating Contacts

               Setting up Photos for Sharing

               Sharing with Groups

     Sharing with the Pros:

               Your Portfolio

               Uploading Pictures to

               Viewing Photos and Critiques

Chapter 15. Emailing Your Photos

     Understanding the File Size Dilemma

     Emailing Photos with EasyShare

     Emailing Photos with Picasa

     Emailing Photos with Elements

               Selecting Photos and Recipients

               Choosing an Email Format

               Finishing Up and Sending Your Email

Chapter 16. Printing Your Photos

     How to Make Great Prints at Home

               Understanding Resolution and Print Size

               Tweaking Your Printer Settings

               Choosing the Right Paper

     Printing Photos with EasyShare

     Printing Photos with Picasa

     Printing Photos with Elements

               Previewing and Printing from the Editor

               Printing from the Organizer

               Printing Multiple Images

     Printing at Photo Kiosks

               Photo Kiosks: What Goes In

               Photo Kiosks: What Comes Out

     Ordering Prints Online

     Ordering Prints Online with EasyShare

               Ordering Prints with the EasyShare Program

               Ordering Prints with EasyShare Gallery

     Ordering Prints Online with Picasa

     Ordering Prints Online with Shutterfly

     Ordering Prints Online with Snapfish

     Ordering Prints Online with Elements

Chapter 17. Creative Photo Projects

     Making Slideshows with PhotoShow

     Simple Slideshows in Elements

     Custom Slideshows in Elements

               Slide Show Preferences

               Editing Your Slideshow

               Adding Special Effects

               Saving Your Slideshow

     Posters, Calendars, and Photo Books



               Custom Photo Books

     More Elements Creative Projects

               What You Can Create

     Photo Mugs, T-Shirts, and More




《數位攝影:缺失的手冊》幫助您拍攝美麗的數位照片 - 您的寶寶、您的巴黎之旅、您的新寵物鬣蜥 - 然後與您的朋友和家人分享令人驚嘆的成果。這本書以《缺失的手冊》系列的建議和幽默為特色,向您展示如何:






    使用最佳的程序和網站分享您的照片 - 在印刷品、線上和通過ESP。
這是一本適合想要開始進行數位攝影的人的好書,但也非常適合那些需要提升已有技能的人。中級數位攝影師會喜歡專業人士的技巧和訣竅,以及對他們準備添加的配件的有用購買指南。注意:本書僅適用於Windows。對於Mac粉絲,《iPhoto 6:缺失的手冊》有一整節關於數位攝影。






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