Six Ideas That Shaped Physics: Unit C: Conservation Laws Constrain Interactions, 2/e

Thomas Moore




SIX IDEAS THAT SHAPED PHYSICS is the 21st Century's alternative to traditional, encyclopedic textbooks. Thomas Moore designed SIX IDEAS to teach students: --to apply basic physical principles to realistic situations --to solve realistic problems --to resolve contradictions between their preconceptions and the laws of physics --to organize the ideas of physics into an integrated hierarchy


Table of Contents

C1 Introduction to Interactions
C2 Vectors
C3 Interactions Transfer Momentum
C4 Particles and Systems
C5 Applying Momentum Conservation
C6 Introduction to Energy
C7 Some Potential Energy Functions
C8 Force and Energy
C9 Rotational Energy
C10 Thermal Energy
C11 Energy in Bonds
C12 Power, Collisions, and Impacts
C13 Angular Momentum
C14 Conservation of Angular Momentum