Six Ideas That Shaped Physics: Unit R - Laws of Physics are Frame-Independent, 2/e

Thomas A Moore




SIX IDEAS THAT SHAPED PHYSICS is the 21st century's alternative to traditional, encyclopedic textbooks. Thomas Moore designed SIX IDEAS to teach students: --to apply basic physical principles to realistic situations --to solve realistic problems --to resolve contradictions between their preconceptions and the laws of physics --to organize the ideas of physics into an integrated hierarchy


Table of Contents

R1 The Principle of Relativity
R2 Synchronizing Clocks
R3 The Nature of Time
R4 The Metric Equation
R5 Proper Time
R6 Coordinate Transformations
R7 Lorentz Contraction
R8 The Cosmic Speed Limit
R9 Four-Momentum
R10 Conservation of Four-Momentum
Appendix A Conversion of Equations to SI Units
Appendix B The Relativistic Doppler Effect