Multilingual Speech Processing

Tanja Schultz, Katrin Kirchhoff

  • 出版商: Academic Press
  • 出版日期: 2005-12-01
  • 定價: $2,580
  • 售價: 5.0$1,290
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 536
  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 0120885018
  • ISBN-13: 9780120885015
  • 相關分類: 語音辨識 Speech-recognition
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Tanja Schultz and Katrin Kirchhoff have compiled a comprehensive overview of speech processing from a multilingual perspective. By taking this all-inclusive approach to speech processing, the editors have included theories, algorithms, and techniques that are required to support spoken input and output in a large variety of languages. This book presents a comprehensive introduction to research problems and solutions, both from a theoretical as well as a practical perspective, and highlights technology that incorporates the increasing necessity for multilingual applications in our global community. Current challenges of speech processing and the feasibility of sharing data and system components across different languages guide contributors in their discussions of trends, prognoses and open research issues. This includes automatic speech recognition and speech synthesis, but also speech-to-speech translation, dialog systems, automatic language identification, and handling non-native speech. The book is complemented by an overview of multilingual resources, important research trends, and actual speech processing systems that are being deployed in multilingual human-human and human-machine interfaces. Researchers and developers in industry and academia with different backgrounds but a common interest in multilingual speech processing will find an excellent overview of research problems and solutions detailed from theoretical and practical perspectives.


Table of Contents

CH 1: Introduction CH 2: Language Characteristics CH 3: Linguistic Data Resources CH 4: Multilingual Acoustic Modeling CH 5: Multilingual Dictionaries CH 6: Multilingual Language Modeling CH 7: Multilingual Speech Synthesis CH 8: Automatic Language Identification CH 9: Other Challenges CH 10: Speech-to-Speech Translation CH 11: Multilingual Spoken Dialog Systems Bibliography


Tanja Schultz和Katrin Kirchhoff編輯了一本從多語言角度綜合概述語音處理的書籍。通過採用全面的語音處理方法,編輯者包括了支持多種語言口語輸入和輸出所需的理論、算法和技術。本書從理論和實踐的角度全面介紹了研究問題和解決方案,並突出了在我們的全球社會中越來越需要多語言應用的技術。語音處理的當前挑戰以及在不同語言之間共享數據和系統組件的可行性指導貢獻者討論趨勢、預測和開放性研究問題。這包括自動語音識別和語音合成,還包括語音到語音翻譯、對話系統、自動語言識別和處理非母語語音。本書還介紹了多語言資源、重要的研究趨勢和實際部署在多語言人機界面中的語音處理系統。在多語言語音處理方面具有不同背景但共同興趣的工業界和學術界的研究人員和開發人員將找到一個從理論和實踐角度詳細介紹研究問題和解決方案的優秀概述。

第1章:介紹 第2章:語言特性 第3章:語言資源 第4章:多語言聲學建模 第5章:多語言詞典 第6章:多語言語言建模 第7章:多語言語音合成 第8章:自動語言識別 第9章:其他挑戰 第10章:語音到語音翻譯 第11章:多語言口語對話系統 參考文獻