TCP/IP Addressing: Designing and Optimizing Your Ip Addressing Scheme, 2/e

Buck Graham

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  • 出版日期: 2000-10-06
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  • ISBN-13: 9780122950216
  • 相關分類: TCP/IP
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Buck Graham's authoritative work is now available in this second edition, revised and updated to reflect the latest changes in networking technology. Written as an introduction for novices and a concise reference for seasoned professionals, this is the only book devoted entirely to establishing and maintaining an efficient IP addressing scheme.

Master the Fundamentals

You'll find complete coverage of all TCP/IP addressing fundamentals, including IP subnetting and addressing issues pertaining to network devices, routing, and common network topologies. All chapters conclude with practice questions that reinforce what you learn.

Assess Your Organization's Needs

Emphasizing careful needs assessment, Graham shows you how to take into account special issues such as Internet connectivity, route table efficiency, and high utilization. With his help, you'll devise the addressing scheme that meets current needs and will keep pace with network growth.

Tackle Advanced Issues

Finally, you get expert instruction that helps you tackle advanced TCP/IP addressing challenges-including IP multicast, mobile IP, and techniques supported by the latest version of the Internet Protocol, IPv6.

Learn How Recent Advances Affect Your Addressing Scheme

  • ATM and frame relay networking
  • Remote Access and RADIUS-administered addressing
  • Concise IPv6 coverage
  • World-wide addressing system administration changes
  • Mobility support in IPv4 and IPv6
  • IP multicast addressing and techniques


Buck Graham is employed by Ericsson as a senior network consultant in the Data Backbone and Optical Networks business unit. He holds a Master of Science degree in Telecommunications from the University of Colorado and an undergraduate degree from the United States Naval Academy. Buck has been instrumental in the design of many TCP/IP networks including those at Wal-Mart and Western Auto. Buck lives with his wife and children in Danville, Kentucky.

Table of Contents:


    Section 1 Addressing Prerequisite Topics

      Chapter 1 TCP/IP Overview
      Chapter 2 IP Address Fundamentals
      Chapter 3 Network Devices
      Chapter 4 Routing
      Chapter 5 Common Typology Addressing

    Section 2 Address-Needs Assessment

      Chapter 6 Addressing for Internet Connections
      Chapter 7 Addressing to Achieve Route Table Efficiency
      Chapter 8 Addressing for High Utilization for Address Space
      Chapter 9 Managing IP Addresses
      Chapter 10 Addressing for Growth and Change

    Section 3 Advanced Addressing Issues

      Chapter 11 IP Multicast
      Chapter 12 Mobile IP
      Chapter 13 IP Version 6

    Appendix A IP Network Number Request Template for ISPs

    Appendix B IP Network Number Request Template for End-Users


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Buck Graham 的權威作品現已推出第二版,經過修訂和更新以反映網絡技術的最新變化。這本書旨在為新手提供介紹,並為經驗豐富的專業人士提供簡潔的參考,這是唯一一本完全致力於建立和維護高效IP位址方案的書籍。




Graham 強調仔細的需求評估,向您展示如何考慮特殊問題,例如互聯網連接、路由表效率和高利用率。在他的幫助下,您將制定符合當前需求並能跟上網絡增長的位址方案。




  • ATM和幀中繼網絡

  • 遠程訪問和RADIUS管理的位址

  • 簡明的IPv6涵蓋範圍

  • 全球位址系統管理變化

  • IPv4和IPv6中的移動支持

  • IP多播位址和技術


Buck Graham 在 Ericsson 擔任資料骨幹和光纖網絡業務部的高級網絡顧問。他擁有科羅拉多大學的電信碩士學位和美國海軍學院的本科學位。Buck 在設計許多TCP/IP網絡方面發揮了重要作用,包括沃爾瑪和西部汽車的網絡。Buck 和他的妻子和孩子住在肯塔基州丹維爾市。



    第1節 位址先決主題

      第1章 TCP/IP概述

      第2章 IP位址基礎知識

      第3章 網絡設備

      第4章 路由

      第5章 常見拓撲位址

    第2節 位址需求評估

      第6章 互聯網連接的位址

      第7章 實現路由表效率的位址

      第8章 高利用率位址空間的位址

      第9章 管理IP位址

      第10章 用於增長和變化的位址

    第3節 高級位址問題

      第11章 IP多播

      第12章 移動IP

      第13章 IP版本6

    附錄A 用於ISP的IP網絡號碼請求模板

    附錄B 用於終端用戶的IP網絡號碼請求模板