Unleashing Web 2.0: From Concepts to Creativity (Paperback)

Gottfried Vossen, Stephan Hagemann

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  • 出版日期: 2007-07-01
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  • 語言: 英文
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The emergence of Web 2.0 is provoking challenging questions for developers: What products and services can our company provide to customers and employees using Rich Internet Applications, mash-ups, Web feeds or Ajax? Which business models are appropriate and how do we implement them? What are best practices and how do we apply them?

If you need answers to these and related questions, you need this book—a comprehensive and reliable resource that guides you into the emerging and unstructured landscape that is Web 2.0.

  • Presents a complete view of Web 2.0 including services and technologies
  • Discusses potential new products and services and the technology and programming ability needed to realize them
  • Offers ‘how to’ basics presenting development frameworks and best practices
  • Compares and contrasts Web 2.0 with the Semantic Web

    Gottfried Vossen is a professor of Information Systems and Computer Science at the University of Muenster in Germany. He is the European Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier’s Information Systems—An International Journal. Stephan Hagemann is a PhD. Student in Gottfried’s research group focused on Web technologies.


    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: A Brief History of the Web
    1.1 A New Breed of Applications: The Rise of the Web
    1.2 Technological Developments in a Nutshell
    1.3 User Participation and Contribution: Socialization of the Web
    1.4 Merging the Streams: The Arrival of “Web 2.0”

    Chapter 2: A Review of the Technological Stream
    2.1 Developments in Web Technology
    2.2 Web Applications of XML
    2.3 P2P
    2.4 Summary

    Chapter 3: Enabling Techniques and Technologies
    3.1 Rich Internet Applications
    3.2 APIs, WPCs, and their Mash-Ups
    3.3 Tagging
    3.4 Summary

    Chapter 4: Sample Frameworks for Web Application Development
    4.1 Development Methodologies
    4.2 Client-Side Ajax Frameworks
    4.3 Server-Side Frameworks
    4.4 Frameworks for Other RIA Technologies
    4.5 Summary

    Chapter 5: Impacts of the Next Generation of the Web
    5.1 Business Models for Internet and Web
    5.2 Data Ownership
    5.3 Software as a Service (SaaS)
    5.4 Socialization and Co-Creation of Content
    5.5 Summary

    Chapter 6: The Semantic Web and Web 2.0
    6.1 Basics
    6.2 Languages of the Semantic Web
    6.3 Ontologies
    6.4 From Tagging to Ontologies and Back
    6.5 Summary




    Web 2.0的出現對開發人員提出了一些具有挑戰性的問題:我們的公司可以使用Rich Internet Applications、mash-ups、Web feeds或Ajax為客戶和員工提供哪些產品和服務?哪種商業模式是適合的,我們如何實施它們?什麼是最佳實踐,我們如何應用它們?

    如果您需要這些問題的答案,您就需要這本書-一本全面可靠的資源,引導您進入Web 2.0這個新興且不結構化的領域。

    - 提供了Web 2.0的完整視角,包括服務和技術
    - 討論了潛在的新產品和服務,以及實現它們所需的技術和編程能力
    - 提供了基礎的“如何”指南,介紹開發框架和最佳實踐
    - 將Web 2.0與語義Web進行比較和對比

    Gottfried Vossen是德國明斯特大學的信息系統和計算機科學教授。他是Elsevier的Information Systems—An International Journal的歐洲主編。Stephan Hagemann是Gottfried的研究小組的博士生,專注於Web技術。


    1.1 新一代應用程序:Web的崛起
    1.2 技術發展概述
    1.3 用戶參與和貢獻:Web的社交化
    1.4 流的融合:Web 2.0的到來

    2.1 Web技術的發展
    2.2 XML的Web應用
    2.3 P2P
    2.4 概述

    3.1 富互聯網應用程序
    3.2 API、WPC和它們的Mash-Ups
    3.3 標記
    3.4 概述

    4.1 開發方法論
    4.2 客戶端Ajax框架
    4.3 服務器端框架
    4.4 其他RIA技術的框架
    4.5 概述

    5.1 互聯網和Web的商業模式
    5.2 數據所有權
    5.3 軟件即服務(SaaS)
    5.4 內容的社交化和共創
    5.5 概述

    第6章:語義Web和Web 2.0
    6.1 基礎知識
    6.2 語義Web的語言
    6.3 語義網
    6.4 從標記到本體論的轉變
    6.5 概述