Optical Performance Monitoring: Advanced Techniques for Next-Generation Photonic Networks (Hardcover)

Calvin C. K. Chan



This in-depth, detailed reference presents for the first time a comprehensive treatment of recent advances in optical performance monitoring. Written by leading experts in the field, the book provides an overview of recent developments in the area and the role of OPM in future optical systems and networks. Detailed discussions of various advanced techniques are provided to illustrate their principles.


  • Presents the principles and applications of advanced OPM techniques, together with a comparative evaluation of their effectiveness in monitoring individual parameters, such as optical signal-to-noise ratio, chromatic dispersion, and polarization mode dispersion
  • Explains the principles of the various advanced optical signal processing techniques and their applications in OPM
  • Examines the role and applications of OPM in optical networks, including optical transport networks, coherent optical systems, and long-haul optical transmission systems
  • Discusses the current approaches of OPM in the global standard SDH/SONET

This book is ideal for technical professionals and researchers who want to understand and evaluate advanced techniques in OPM and their impact on the practical design of next-generation optical systems and networks.



  • Provides a thorough and detailed discussion of the latest optical performance monitoring (OPM) techniques and their applications, presenting a comparative analysis of each method

  • Contains high-quality technical contributions from leading experts, covering both principles and practical aspects of advanced OPM techniques

  • Addresses challenges and opportunities related to OPM in next-generation reconfigurable optical systems and networks





- 介紹了先進OPM技術的原理和應用,並對其在監測光學信噪比、色散和偏振模態色散等個別參數方面的有效性進行了比較評估。
- 解釋了各種先進光學信號處理技術的原理及其在OPM中的應用。
- 探討了OPM在光學網絡中的角色和應用,包括光傳輸網絡、相干光系統和長距離光傳輸系統。
- 討論了全球標準SDH/SONET中OPM的當前方法。