Digital Design and Computer Architecture : ARM Edition (美國原版)

Sarah Harris, David Harris



Digital Design and Computer Architecture: ARM Edition takes a unique and modern approach to digital design. Beginning with digital logic gates and progressing to the design of combinational and sequential circuits, Harris and Harris use these fundamental building blocks as the basis for what follows: the design of an actual ARM processor. With over 75% of the world’s population using products with ARM processors, the design of the ARM processor offers an exciting and timely application of digital design while also teaching the fundamentals of computer architecture. SystemVerilog and VHDL are integrated throughout the text in examples illustrating the methods and techniques for CAD-based circuit design. By the end of this book, readers will be able to build their own microprocessor and will have a top-to-bottom understanding of how it works. Harris and Harris have combined an engaging and humorous writing style with an updated and hands-on approach to digital design.

  • Covers the fundamentals of digital logic design and reinforces logic concepts through the design of an ARM microprocessor.


  • Features side-by-side examples of the two most prominent Hardware Description Languages (HDLs)-SystemVerilog and VHDL-which illustrate and compare the ways each can be used in the design of digital systems.




  • Includes examples throughout the text that enhance the reader’s understanding and retention of key concepts and techniques.
  • The Companion website includes a chapter on I/O systems with practical examples that show how to use the Raspberry Pi computer to communicate with peripheral devices such as LCDs, Bluetooth radios, and motors.
  • The Companion website also includes appendices covering practical digital design issues and C programming as well as links to CAD tools, lecture slides, laboratory projects, and solutions to exercises.


《數位設計與計算機架構:ARM 版本》採用獨特且現代的數位設計方法。哈里斯和哈里斯從數位邏輯閘開始,逐步進行組合和時序電路的設計,並以此為基礎設計了一個實際的 ARM 處理器。由於全球超過 75% 的人口使用搭載 ARM 處理器的產品,ARM 處理器的設計不僅提供了一個令人興奮且及時的數位設計應用,同時也教授了計算機架構的基礎知識。本書中穿插了 SystemVerilog 和 VHDL 的示例,以演示基於 CAD 的電路設計方法和技巧。通過閱讀本書,讀者將能夠建立自己的微處理器,並全面了解其工作原理。哈里斯和哈里斯將引人入勝且幽默的寫作風格與更新且實踐的數位設計方法相結合。

- 詳細介紹數位邏輯設計的基礎知識,並通過設計 ARM 微處理器來強化邏輯概念。
- 同時提供兩種最常用的硬體描述語言(HDL)SystemVerilog 和 VHDL 的並列示例,以展示並比較兩者在數位系統設計中的應用方式。
- 書中穿插了多個示例,有助於讀者理解和記憶關鍵概念和技巧。
- 附帶網站提供了一個關於 I/O 系統的章節,並提供實際示例,展示如何使用 Raspberry Pi 電腦與外設設備(如 LCD、藍牙無線電和馬達)進行通信。
- 附帶網站還包括附錄,涵蓋實際的數位設計問題和 C 程式設計,以及連結到 CAD 工具、講義投影片、實驗室專案和習題解答。