MPLS and Label Switching Networks

Uyless D. Black




The authoritative MPLS introduction for every networking professional.

MPLS and related technologies offer the potential to dramatically improve network performance, efficiency, and quality of service. In MPLS and Label-Switching Networks, renowned communication specialist Uyless Black presents a detailed, practical introduction to these technologies, written specifically for network and communications professionals. Using practical examples and realistic configuration diagrams, Black explains each fundamental concept, protocol, and technique associated with MPLS, including:

  • How the MPLS protocol works, and how it can be applied in IPv4 and IPv6 environments
  • Maximizing quality of service: using MPLS to combat network latency and jitter
  • MPLS traffic engineering: building more resilient service provider and ISP backbones
  • Security and network management in MPLS-enabled networks—including rapid service restoration techniques
  • Using MPLS to build secure VPNs
  • New MPLS label distribution protocols

Whether you're in an enterprise network or service provider environment, MPLS and Label-Switching Networks is the authoritative resource you need to understand MPLS technologies—and implement them for competitive advantage.


MPLS和相關技術為每位網絡專業人士提供了極大的潛力,可以顯著提高網絡性能、效率和服務質量。在《MPLS和標籤交換網絡》中,著名通信專家Uyless Black為網絡和通信專業人士提供了一個詳細而實用的介紹這些技術的指南。Black使用實際例子和實際配置圖解,解釋了與MPLS相關的每個基本概念、協議和技術,包括:
- MPLS協議的工作原理,以及如何在IPv4和IPv6環境中應用
- 最大化服務質量:使用MPLS來解決網絡延遲和抖動問題
- MPLS流量工程:構建更具彈性的服務提供商和ISP骨幹網絡
- MPLS啟用網絡中的安全性和網絡管理,包括快速服務恢復技術
- 使用MPLS構建安全的VPN
- 新的MPLS標籤分發協議