Object-Oriented Modeling and Design with UML, 2/e

Michael R. Blaha, James R Rumbaugh





This revision offers a crisp, clear explanation of the basics of object-oriented thinking via UML models, then presents a process for applying these principles to software development, including C++, Java, and relational databases. An integrated case study threads throughout the book, illustrating key ideas as well as their application. 


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Modeling as a Design Technique

Chapter 3 Class Modeling   

Chapter 4 Advanced Class Modeling   

Chapter 5 State Modeling  

Chapter 6 Advanced State Modeling  

Chapter 7 Interaction Modeling 

Chapter 8 Advanced Interaction Modeling 

Chapter 9 Concepts Summary   

Chapter 10 Process Overview 

Chapter 11 System Conception   

Chapter 12 Domain Analysis    

Chapter 13 Application Analysis 

Chapter 14 System Design   

Chapter 15 Class Design   

Chapter 16 Process Summary   

Chapter 17 Implementation Modeling   

Chapter 18 OO Languages   

Chapter 19 Databases   

Chapter 20 Programming Style   

Chapter 21 Iterative Development   

Chapter 22 Managing Models   

Chapter 23 Teaching Modeling   

Chapter 24 Heritage Systems