Oracle 8i and Java: From Client Server to E-Commerce

Elio Bonazzi, Glenn Stokol




Oracle users know: The Internet changes everything. Harness Oracle to the power of Java programming language to take your e-business to the top.

More than 90% of all e-business solutions include Oracle databases, from Amazon to eBay. But the database is only half the story. This book shows you how to use Java programming tools to bring your database to life on the Internet, utilizing the new integration between Java and Oracle.

You can connect a Java program to your database through the JDBC, for instance, pooling connections via servlets or implementing three-tiered applications through RMI. Or, Java can be used directly with the Oracle Application Server as a full-fledged development and production environment, supporting Servlets, JavaServer Pages, CORBA, and Enterprise JavaBeans. At the highest level, Java applications can run directly into the database using the Java virtual machine that is part of Oracle 8i. All these powerful features make Oracle + Java a perfect choice for the secure, scalable, 24/7 needs of e-commerce.

Filled with detailed explanations and working diagrams, Oracle 8i & Java: From Client/Server to E-Commerce covers a wide range of Oracle/Java topics, including four crucial knowledge areas:

Object-Relational Databases:
Architecture, DDL, DML, SQL, performance, and security
Stored Procedures and Business Components:
Servlets, JavaServer Pages, Active Server Pages, Sockets, and JNI
Oracle 8i functionality:
Enterprise JavaBeans, CORBA servers, clients, and objects

The CD-ROM includes sample code from the book for Linux/UNIX, Windows, and MacOS.