Hands-On Exercise Manual for LabVIEW Programming, Data Acquisition, and Analysis

Jeffrey Y. Beyon

  • 出版商: Prentice Hall
  • 出版日期: 2000-09-10
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 128
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0130303682
  • ISBN-13: 9780130303684
  • 相關分類: LabVIEW
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For field engineers and researchers who must learn LabVIEW programming in order to do data acquisition and analysis.

LabVIEW is a revolutionary graphical programming development environment used to write virtual instruments. Thousands of successful engineers, scientists, and technicians use LabVIEW to create solutions for their demanding test and measurement application needs for data acquisition and control, data analysis, and data presentation. This exercise guide functions as a stand-alone “short-course” for learning LabVIEW programming or as an add-on exercise manual to Beyon's LabVIEW Programming Data Acquisition, and Analysis. The book is broken out into 6 learning sessions, each of which has drill problems with step-by-step problems. All of the examples are simple—they are meant to enable the reader to understand the basics, practice simple exercises and then go on to write his/her own programs. The examples are also practical—ideal for beginners who will find examples that are ready to be implemented and also great for experienced programmers interested in updating their programming techniques.

Table of Contents

Drill Problems Day 1

Drill Problem 1.1 p021_WirePrac.vi.Drill Problem 1.2 p022_WirePrac.vi. Drill Problem 1.3 p023_ShrtCutPrac.vi. Drill Problem 1.4 p031_dBcalc.vi. Drill Problem 1.5 p032_QuitPrompt.vi. Drill Problem 1.6 p033_RNDisplay.v. Drill Problem 1.7 p041_ForLp&Indxng.vi. Drill Problem 1.8 p042_WhileLp&ShftReg.vi. Drill Problem 1.9 p043_Loops&Conditions.vi.

Drill Problems Day 2

Drill Problem 2.1 s051_MechActionOfBooleans.vi. Drill Problem 2.2 p052_MultiChChartGraph.vi. Drill Problem 2.3 p053_MultiChGphXo.vi. Drill Problem 2.4 p054_MultiChXYGph.vi. Drill Problem 2.5 p061_ArryPrac.vi. Drill Problem 2.6 p062_ClustrFcnPrac.vi. Drill Problem 2.7 p063_IntstyGphPxlByPxl.vi. Drill Problem 2.8 p064_IntstyGphAttNode.vi. Drill Problem 2.9 p065_Arry&ClustrUpdPrac.vi.

Drill Problems Day 3

Drill Problem 3.1 s081_AcqNScans.vi. Drill Problem 3.2 s082_CtsAcq&Chart(buff).vi. Drill Problem 3.3 s091_Gen1PtOn1Chwith_s082.vi. Drill Problem 3.4 s092_FGwith_s082.vi. Drill Problem 3.5 s101_CtsPTrn(8253)with_s082.vi. Drill Problem 3.6 s102_CntEvnts(8253).vi.Drill Problem 3.7 p111_WrtRdBin1D.vi. Drill Problem 3.8 p112_WrtRdASCII.vi. Drill Problem 3.9 p121_TypeCast.vi. Drill Problem 3.10 p141_AliasTest.vi p141_FFTproc.vi.

Drill Problems Day 4

Drill Problem 4.1 s081_AcqNScansDTrig.vi. Drill Problem 4.2 s082_AcqNScansExtChClk.vi. Drill Problem 4.3 s083_ContAcq&GphExtScanClk.vi. Drill Problem 4.4 p101_DigWrt&AI.vi p101_AISmplChs.vi. Drill Problem 4.5 p111_WrtRdBin1DCts.vi. Drill Problem 4.6 p112_WrtRdBin2D.vi. Drill Problem 4.7 p113_WrtRdASCIICts.vi. Drill Problem 4.8 p114_WrtRdMixed.vi. Drill Problem 4.9 p115_WrtRdDatalog.vi. Drill Problem 4.10 p116_RtrvDtalogDtaHalo.vi. Drill Problem 4.11 p117_SvDataWithPref.vi. Drill Problem 4.12 p121_ScrllbarCtrl.vi. Drill Problem 4.13 s131_LV&Serl.vi. Drill Problem 4.14 s132_LV&GPIB.vi. Drill Problem 4.15 p141_AcqNScns1Ch_QS1D&FFT.vi.

Drill Problems Day 5

Drill Problem 5.1 s141_FreqResp.vi. 70 Drill Problem 5.2 p142_FFTPairTest.vi.Drill Problem 5.3 s143_DecIntTest.vi. Drill Problem 5.4 s144_AliasTest&LPF.vi.Drill Problem 5.5 p145_FittingPrac.vi. Drill Problem 5.6 p151_While&Occrnce.vi. p151_WhileWoOccrnce.vi. Drill Problem 5.7 p152_ErrHndler_Main.vi p152_ErrHndler_Proc1.vi p152_ErrHndler_Proc2.vi p152_ErrHndler_Proc3.vi s152_ErrHndler_ErrDiply.vi.

Drill Problems Day 6

Drill Problem 6.1 p151_ListVIs.vi. Drill Problem 6.2 p152_DynamicLoad.vi. Drill Problem 6.3 p153_init.vi. p153_main.vi p153_menu1.vi p153_menu2.vi. Drill Problem 6.4 p154_StatCheck.vi. Drill Problem 6.5p155_4ToggleSW.vi. Drill Problem 6.6 p156_LocalVar&SR.vi. p156_AcquireData.vi p156_ProcData.vi. Drill Problem 6.7s156_LocalVar&SR.vi.