Jini Example By Example (Paperback)

Keith Edwards, Tom Rodden, W. Keith Edwards

  • 出版商: Prentice Hall
  • 出版日期: 2001-06-18
  • 定價: $1,400
  • 售價: 2.1$299
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 569
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0130338583
  • ISBN-13: 9780130338587
  • 相關分類: Java 程式語言
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  • Learn Jini 1.1 technology via code examples
  • For the entire project lifecycle: design and coding through administration
  • Coverage of ServiceUI and Surrogate Architecture
  • Contains a start-to-finish application code for all aspects of Jini
  • Including JavaSpaces and wrapper code
  • From Keith Edwards, author of best-seller Core Jini 2nd edition

Master Jini technology development example by example. . . .

With the Jini 1.1 release, Jini network technology is rapidly maturing into a great solution for networking devices of all kinds, from wireless PDAs to servers to household appliances. Pragmatic and concise, Jini Example by Example presents techniques and real code for building reliable, high-performance Jini systems. Co-authored by Keith Edwards, author of the best-seller Core Jini 2nd edition, this book offers practical techniques and solutions you can use right now. Coverage includes:

  • A high-level "overflight" of the philosophy and principles of Jini technology
  • An introduction to the Jini Framework: program structure, clients, servers, RMI, and Jini Services
  • Expert guidance and sample code for managing leasing and remote events
  • A start-to-finish application case study, offering insight into how Jini systems work and what they can do
  • Practical "wrapper" techniques for leveraging existing components
  • Advanced JavaSpaces solutions for storing and managing the objects Jini services rely upon

Jini Example by Example presents insiders' understanding for the entire application lifecycle: design, coding, deployment, administration, and more.


透過程式碼範例學習 Jini 1.1 技術
包含 ServiceUI 和 Surrogate Architecture 的內容
提供完整的應用程式代碼,涵蓋 Jini 的各個方面
包括 JavaSpaces 和包裝程式碼
由暢銷書《Core Jini》第二版的作者 Keith Edwards 撰寫

通過範例逐步掌握 Jini 技術開發...。

隨著 Jini 1.1 版本的發布,Jini 網路技術正迅速成熟,成為解決各種設備的網路連接方案,從無線 PDA 到伺服器再到家用電器。《Jini Example by Example》提供了實用的技巧和真實代碼,用於構建可靠、高性能的 Jini 系統。本書由《Core Jini》第二版的作者 Keith Edwards 共同撰寫,提供了實用的技巧和解決方案,您可以立即使用。內容包括:

- Jini 技術的哲學和原則的高層次概述
- Jini 框架的介紹:程式結構、客戶端、伺服器、RMI 和 Jini 服務
- 管理租約和遠端事件的專家指導和範例代碼
- 完整的應用程式案例研究,深入了解 Jini 系統的運作方式和功能
- 利用現有元件的實用「包裝」技巧
- 用於存儲和管理 Jini 服務所依賴的物件的高級 JavaSpaces 解決方案

《Jini Example by Example》提供了對整個應用程式生命週期的內部理解:設計、編碼、部署、管理等等。